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Leather grades guide

Here at GotBriefcases.com we have many questions about the differnce in types of leather such as full grain, top grain, genuine, and bonded. This is why we would like to provide our customers with a leather grades and types guide about the material of the bags and other items they are buying. Below is a description chart of all the kinds of leather featured here on our site and learn how they have their own specific qualities.

Full Grain Leather

is made out of the top of the hide, it has all the grain that is provided and no extra impurities. This kind of leather has the amazing feature of getting better with usage along time, meaning that the surface fades off to expose a beautiful soft finish. Full grain is notable for being very tough and durable high quality leather.

Top Grain Leather

is the middle layer of blemished hide and then it is sanded and refinished, that is why there are less scars and less visible than that of full grain. Top grain leather does eventually fade out after long use, but it is still a very strong and durable. However it cannot handle harsher usage, such as full grain leather can. It is perfect for long term use and sustainable as well.

Genuine Leather

is made of the spare amounts of material after the top grains are split off. The surface of genuine leather is spray painted most of the time to make it look as if it is better quality leather than it actually is.  Genuine leather can be either soft or tough yet this is the most averagely used type of leather for many uses.

Bonded Leather

is made of the dust, scraps, and crumbs of better quality leather, simply put together with glue, and is the least durable type of leather that wears out quickly with use and has a short lived lifetime. Because of its material and process this is the most sustainable and practical grade of leather. Also there is a polyurethane coating on the leather which is embossed to make bonded leather look like it has the marks and creases of the animal just like full grain naturally has.