20" Inch Laptop Cases

20 Inch Laptop Cases

Modern technology has made business easier than ever, but this means many of us spend a lot of time on the road. Ensure your 20 inch laptop survives the trip with one of the best laptop cases for travel, available from Got Briefcases. With your computer stored in one of our 20 inch laptop cases, it will be safe in a plane, a train, or an automobile.

The Best Laptop Cases for Travel

Our 20 inch laptop cases come from elite brands, such as Kenneth Cole and Korchmar. Each briefcase features a hard, sturdy body that withstands wear that your computer could experience in transit, keeping your laptop and other work essentials safe from harm.

Seamlessly combining form and function, our laptop cases are as fashionable as they are durable. With materials like aluminum and thick leather, durability is guaranteed. Add in features like polished brass accents and interior carrying compartments, and you have a bag whose attractive design matches its impeccable performance.

High-Quality Products for Hard Workers

At Got Briefcases, we know you need essentials that work for you. That's why we carry a wide range of premium bags and travel solutions to suit your needs. Whether you’re shopping for a travel laptop case or a simple messenger bag, Got Briefcases has something for you.

For questions about our 20 inch laptop cases, please email our customer service team. We’ll help you select the best product for your needs, and process your order quickly.

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3 Item(s)