19" Inch Laptop Cases

Do you own a 19 inch laptop? Then an 19 inch laptop bag is just what you need! We present to you our finest selection of business 19 inch laptop bags that will keep you looking professional at all times!

19 Inch Laptop Carrying Cases

Laptops get faster, smarter, and more powerful with each new release. They also become available in an increasing range of sizes. Don’t store your 19 inch laptop in an outdated case that has the wrong dimensions. Upgrade to a 19 inch laptop bag from Got Briefcases!

Whether you need a slim case for navigating crowded sidewalks, as you walk to work, a case with portfolio space for out of town business trips, or a case to slip in an overhead luggage bin, as you travel abroad for college, one of our 19 inch laptop cases is your computer’s best travel mate.

Carrying Cases for Larger Laptops

Our selection of 19 inch laptop bags come from trusted brands like Good Hope, Korchmar, Olympia, and T.Z. Case. The designers we carry seamlessly merge function and form, offering durable, multifunctional cases in eye-catching designs that convey your fashion sense.

Choose from sleek, rolling bags that are great for walking long distance, lightweight attache cases that are easy to tote everywhere, casual 19 inch laptop backpacks that offer roomy storage, and much more. Whichever of our 19 inch laptop bags ends up being yours, your computer will be safe on your travels.

Cases Built to Last

Looking for a laptop case that you can use for years without worrying about needing a replacement? In a 19 inch laptop bag from Got Briefcases, you receive a stylish, highly-functional, durable case that safely stores your computer for longer.

For questions about our 19 inch laptop cases, or to place an order, contact us today.

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15 Item(s)