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Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton - About the Brand

Since 1938, Zero Halliburton has continued designing briefcases and suitcases that cater to the specific needs of frequent flyers and busy professionals. With their rolling suitcases and aluminum briefcases, Zero Halliburton offers innovative and trend-setting designs in their products that also make a style statement. 

Zero Halliburton briefcase is among the most secure and durable business storage item that are built for rough handling.

Innovation with Reliability

Making reliability their top priority, Zero Halliburton has revolutionized the way people travel with their luggage. The smooth sides and airtight gaskets of Zero Halliburton suitcases help in keeping moisture, dirt and dust out. 

The lightweight material such as nylon and aluminum are still used in crafting their classic designs along with the latest accessories and technical advancements.

Make Your Travel Extraordinaire

Each Zero Halliburton briefcase is incorporated with the signature features that have been part of the brand’s heritage throughout the years. 

Their most prominent and loved collections include the New York, Geo Aluminum and Geo Aluminum 2.0, featuring styles that are unique to the brand and with designs that accommodate your busy travel schedule.

Contemporary Appeal

The brand focuses on customers who have a knack for fashion and all that is visually appealing. Each product, therefore, is designed with some sort of contemporary or modern nuance. Be it a Zero Halliburton attaché case or a Halliburton briefcase, style quotient is always prominent in every product. Keep your belongings safe and secure while traveling with style and comfort with the Zero Halliburton luggage!


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  1. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight Small Attaché Case

    $365.00 Price:
  2. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight Medium Attaché Case

    $395.00 Price:
  3. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight Portable Trunk

    $695.00 Price:
  4. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight 30" Large Polycarbonate Travel Suitcase

    $675.00 Price:
  5. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight 26" Medium Polycarbonate Travel Suitcase

    $575.00 Price:
  6. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight Continental Carry On Case

    $475.00 Price:
  7. Zero Halliburton Edge Lightweight International Carry On Case

    $445.00 Price:

7 Item(s)