SOLO Bags - Innovative Designs and Smart Features

The SOLO Bags and other travel accessories from SOLO are designed for durability and fashion appeal. The range of SOLO backpack and other luggage surely makes traveling much more convenient for busy flyers.


About the Brand

For decades, SOLO has been known as the industry leader for presenting the best travel bags at the most affordable prices. Be it a SOLO briefcase made of leather, hard-sided SOLO computer bags, or SOLO messenger bags, SOLO has always been spearheading the quest for new and thoughtful designs. Their collection of travel accessories and bags add more confidence and style to a traveler’s entourage.


Innovation Par Excellence

Each SOLO backpack and other bags are designed using use the ride-along pocket and the retractable shoulder strap, allowing users to wear the bag across the body or easily attach it with a rolling case. SOLO adds comfort and ease to the bags with the help of classic and intuitive features that are being used for decades.


Travel with Style

The interesting designs in SOLO backpacks, computer bags and SOLO messenger bags are inspired from the lifestyles of people from all walks of life. Be it a student, a business professional or a trekker, SOLO has everything for everyone in terms of style and design. The nomad, varsity, downtown, roadster and velocity are some of the most popular collections from SOLO that offer urban-savvy designs.


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