Siamod has crafted some of the finest, and the most refined leather bags in the history of humankind. With separate collections for men and women, each of these rolling briefcases and business handbags is designed to fit the needs and the style of the respective gender. Siamod has put together an impressive range of leather messenger bags and duffel bags.

To cite a few examples, we have the collection of men’s pill up leather brief cases. Siamod bags are made of smooth and strong leather, which is waxed and oiled to provide a soft and refined feel. The hardware used in the bags, such as the buckles and the handles, are also of top quality. As for the range of women’s bags, there are crocodile bags, and business and travel cases, all made of the finest Italian leather. The Siamod range also pays exquisite attention to detail, therefore making their bags elegant, fashionable, and bordering on breathtaking. Most of the bags come with a glossy and sleek finish. There are also the occasional few bags that are dry and solid, and more suited for solemn business meetings. 

14 Item(s)

  • Siamod San Francesco Leather Messenger Bag

    $200.00 Price:
  • Siamod Pastenello Leather Vertical Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case

    $320.00 Price:
  • Siamod Carugetto Leather Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case

    $350.00 Price:
  • Siamod SERVANO Leather Small 13" Ladies’ Laptop Briefcase

    $160.00 Price:
  • Siamod SETTEMBRE Leather Medium Ladies' 15.4" Laptop Brief

    $175.00 Price:
  • Siamod IGNOTO Leather Large Ladies’ 17" Laptop Brief

    $180.00 Price:
  • Siamod NOVEMBRE Leather Ladies’ Vertical Detachable‐Wheeled 13" Laptop Case

    $290.00 Price:
  • Siamod SAN MARTINO Leather Ladies’ Detachable‐Wheeled 15"Laptop Case

    $300.00 Price:
  • Siamod SERRA Leather Ladies' 15" Laptop Tote

    $180.00 Price:
  • Siamod CERESOLA Leather Fly-Through Checkpoint-Friendly 17" Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case, Leather Briefcase

    $340.00 Price:

14 Item(s)