Scully is a name that is synonymous with variety, in the leather bag industry. What started off as a venture that manufactured gloves and jackets in the early 1900s, in Napa Valley, California, gradually grew by leaps and bounds. Until finally, today, we have Scully as we know it – a leading manufacturer of duffel bags, briefcases, wallets, bags, handbags, pad folios and business accessories.

The leather bags from Scully are designed with longevity as a key factor. A lot of effort and care goes into the making of every single piece from their collection. Right from selecting the A grade skins, to the design of the bags, their zippers, compartments, hardware, and accessories, and right up to the finishing touch, a lot of meticulous planning and attention to detail is involved. This is why no two Scully pieces are alike, and owning one of them is akin to possessing a masterpiece. The very appearance of the bags, cases, planners, organizers, agendas, and pouches from Scully is unique, and is certain to satisfy even the most avid leather critic. 

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    Scully Squadron Leather Duffel Bag in Antique Brown

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    Scully Squadron Laptop Leather Briefcase

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    Scully Squadron Leather Duffel Bag

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  • Scully Leather Shoulder Tote Bag, Soft Plonge

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5 Item(s)