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Royce Leather

Royce Leather Accessories

If you’re searching for fine leather travel goods, then Got Briefcases has the best selection of Royce leather briefcases, wallets, money clips and more. Our collection of Royce Leather accessories encompasses the classic designs that have made this company an authority in fine leather accessories since 1974. With Royce Leather’s smart combination of superior leather, expert craftsmanship, and affordable pricing, the brand has been catering to travel-focused professionals for over 30 years.

Smart, Innovative Leather Designs

Royce Leather has been known for its elegant products ever since it introduced its range of exclusive leather accessories to the world. Given that allRoyce Leather accessories include polished, yet functional designs, you’ll always receive quality with every purchase from Got Briefcases.

Product Breakdown

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or you’re shopping for yourself,Royce Leather accessories are complete with versatile designs and a range of color options.  Our selection features designs in Carnation Pink, Key Lime Green, Ocean Blue, and more subdued hues such as Purple and Wildberry.  When you’re looking for the best leather laptop bags, business card cases, padfolios and other professional accessories, you’ll appreciate the timeless touch that Royce Leather adds to every piece they make.

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