Rockland Luggage

Rockland Luggage

Rockland Luggage – A Brand to Reckon With

The signature style with strong and sturdy design of the Rockland Luggage collection makes it one of the most in-demand and reliable brands for travel suitcase across the world. Rockland Luggage and bags are being proudly produced since 1995. Their prime target audience are the ones who are tech-savvy and fashion-forward which is why Rockland luggage sets compete with the most expensive and recognized brands in terms of style and durability.


Vibrant Collections

Known for colorful graphics and designs, the Rockland Luggage is influenced by current trends in fashion and design. Over the years, many products have been featured in various films and television shows. The designs can be easily recognized on a baggage carousel allowing travelers to make quick exits out of the airport. Stand out in your travel entourage by adding the vibrant Rockland luggage.


Promised Durability

Despite having their sales more targeted towards the customers in the United States, Rockland luggage sets are very much in demand all across the globe. Most of the Rockland Luggage products are made using polycarbonate and ABS that gives unmatched strength and durability, making their suitcases suitable to be carried along in rough conditions. The collection includes a wide array of carry-on suitcases and luggage sets made using superior quality materials like polyester.

All polyester Rockland luggage sets are designed with bright and bold patterns such as polka dots, flowers, tiger stripes, and zebra patterns. Almost all Rockland luggage sets come in three suitcases pieces of large, medium and small in color options of red, pink, black, and blue.

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