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Best Luggage Sets and Suitcases by Rockland

Rockland Luggage

With its signature: strong, sturdy, and dependable as a rock feature, the Rockland Luggage collection stands true to its name. For the most part, the Rockland collection consists of luggage sets and carryon suitcases made of durable materials like polyester. Some of the sets are made of polycarbonate and ABS. The polyester luggage sets are mostly designed in bright and bold patterns, such as tiger stripes, polka dots, zebra patterns, and flowery designs. The polycarbonate pieces come in solid colors with a glossy finish. There are luggage sets of three pieces in red, pink, black, and blue.

Almost all the suitcases come in groups of three, which are a large, a medium, and a small. All come with wheels and an easy pull handle, thereby facilitating easy movement and portability. Some of the sets also come in pieces of four, where the usual three cases are accompanied by a fourth and much smaller briefcase. All of the Rockland Luggage pieces have expandable capacity, and durable, long lasting zippers and wheels. They are ideal companions for long distance journeys.