From carrying things around for day to day activities like traveling and vacationing, to packing for adventure sports like trekking and hitchhiking, backpacks have come to the rescue. The wonderful thing about backpacks is that they can double up as any kind of bag. Taking their cue from the increasing demand for these luggage carriers, the renowned Jack Georges brand has created a line of the best backpacks.

The backpacks from Jack Georges provide a lot of comfortable storage space, and you can fit a small world in there, so to say. They are made of top quality leather, hand picked specifically for each model, and can survive extreme wear and tear.  The designs themselves are neat and creative, and ooze class and elegance. It is fair to say that these backpacks are the perfect blend of fashion and utility.  

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  • Jack Georges Voyager Collection Leather Small Backpack

    $222.00 Price:
  • Jack Georges Voyager Drawstring Leather Backpack

    $388.00 Price:
  • Jack Georges Voyager 15.4" Laptop Backpack

    $358.00 Price:
  • Jack Georges Soho Collection Small Leather Backpack

    $198.00 Price:

5 Item(s)