Duffel Bags

A wide collection of David King & Co duffel bags are popularly used for carrying cloths, essentials and documents for short vacation trips and business tours. These duffel bags made of vequetta leather are of top quality and come with deluxe hardware and designer lining. They last a lifetime without forming cracks or becoming brittle. An occasional usage of a premium quality conditioner is enough to maintain the bags so that they last for a longer time period.

Duffel bags by David King & Co are much preferred over other bags for their huge number of packing options. The primary compartment is huge and can hold clothing for a complete weekend. The zippered pockets absolutely perfect for storing the toiletry set and the gadgets separately in each pocket. They can also serve to keep the laundry separated from clean clothes. David King & Co duffel bags feature  front, rear and inside pockets and a removable shoulder strap.

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