Messenger Bags

With the day-to-day needs of students, amateurs and professionals alike, Boconi messenger bags have been designed to offer comfortable and safe storage options, which are nicely complemented by leather made designs. Neither many pockets nor their convenient placement for ease of use are the only selling points of these Boconi messenger bags, but there is a myriad of features which make the messenger bags truly useful for a fast-paced lifestyle.

Messenger bags by Boconi are amply suitable to match the put-together gestures of dedicated students, busy executives, traveler or businessmen. Adjustable shoulder straps help users avoid frequent rubbing and discomfort. Every flap, snap and buckle can be opened or closed thousands of time without having to worry about any slight damage. Electronics, files, reports, or just about any type of befitting items can be transported without scratches or damages.

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  • Boconi Tyler Tumbled Slim Mailbag Leather Messenger

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  • Boconi Tyler Tumbled Brokers Leather Messenger Bag

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3 Item(s)