Leather Briefcases, Laptop Bags, and Hard Attache Cases

Whether you’re traveling for business or just going through your daily commute, you’ll need a professional bag to transport documents, electronics, and other essentials. At Got Briefcases, we have the best leather briefcases, laptop bags, and attaché cases available. We feature a variety of bags for men and women, with leather briefcases and attachés suitable for all occasions. And we understand that a professional appearance goes a long way, even when you’re traveling. So, invest in a classic, long-lasting case that’ll ensure you always make a great first impression.

Genuine Leather and Exquisite Style

With popular styles ranging from premium leather briefcases and laptop bags to hard attaché cases, every professional will find the right bag in our online store. The brands we feature blend fine leather and composite materials with intuitive features to provide elegant yet sturdy bags to suit a variety of needs.

Meet Our Brands

We carry leather briefcases, laptop bags, and hard cases the best brands in the industry, such as Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, and SOLO. Because we believe in featuring a complete selection for busy professionals, we even have designer briefcases and attaché cases from reputable, understated names such as iMedici, Piel Leather, Jack Georges and more.

At Got Briefcases, we thrive on being able to provide the most durable products for everyday professional needs, so browse our collection of brands and bags and find the perfect briefcase today.

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2 Item(s)