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The Best Rolling Cases For Men & Women

Got Briefcases caters to professionals across the country, offering an assortment of versatile bags made for life on the go. In our store, you’ll find the best rolling briefcases for a variety of wants and needs. Whether you’re seeking an aluminum briefcase for business trips or a leather case for the daily commute to the office, we feature wheeled briefcases that provide functionality and style.

Explore Our Brands

We select each briefcase based on the highest design standards, allowing you to confidently choose from the best rolling briefcases based on brands you know and love, as well as newer brands that deserve to be discovered. Choose from familiar names like Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, and SOLO, or explore our selection of emerging labels such as Good Hope, Jack Georges, and Siamod. Each brand has something special to offer to customers who seek the best.

Shop By Feature

After exploring our high-quality bag brands, shop for the best rolling briefcases using bag features. Some of our wheeled briefcases are designed for specific function, such as carrying a laptop, while others are designed to carry a variety of different items, with added features like hard or soft sides. Choose the most useful bag based on function, material, style, and more to make traveling more hassle-free.

Got Briefcases is the premium source for men’s and women’s rolling briefcases. Shop our selection today


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1 Item(s)