Rolling Briefcases for Women

A rolling briefcase for women can be an absolute life saver for many different reasons. Proffesional women today face a lot of challenges when it comes to their work. They are expected to be avilable for many hours a day, travel and look their best. But you don’t have to break your back carrying around your laptop, documents and other neccesities in a shoulder bag. Instead you can invest in a highly fashionable, functional and quality women’s rolling briefcase. 

Women’s Rolling Briefcase 

Got Briefcases carries the best women’s rolling briefcases in a variety of great styles and designs. We offer versatile cases for women that exude style and durability. Whether you’re seeking a briefcase for the daily commute, a briefcase for special trips, or something in-between a rolling briefcase for women, suitable for your needs, can be found in our online store today. 

Discover Our Brands

We carry the best names in women’s rolling briefcase, including time-tested brands such as Samsonite and McKleinUSA, along with cases from Jack Georges, Siamod, and Clark and Mayfield. We offer a number of great labels for choosing your next bag for life on the go.  A perfect ladies rolling briefcase which feature fine materials and striking designs that are always a pleasure to carry.

Shop By Feature

After browsing our brands of women's rolling briefcases, explore our collection by viewing bags with the features that make life easier. If you tote a laptop to work or school, for instance, see our laptop-compatible cases. You can also choose a briefcase that locks, has amazing dimensional stability, and offers other features that are designed for professional women.

Got Briefcases is proud to offer stylish, durable briefcases to women with taste. Shop our wide selection today.


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12 Item(s)