Polyester Briefcases

Polyester Waterproof Briefcases

Got Briefcases carries the best polyester briefcases for men and women. In our online store, you’ll find polyester laptop bags, case organizers, catalog cases, waterproof briefcases, and more. We offer premium designs for any cosmopolitan traveler. Choose a high-quality bag with features that are perfect for your style and storage needs while you’re on the go.

Discover Our Brands

Shopping our wide selection by brand is a great way to find a bag for your requirements. Shop our established labels such as Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, and SOLO. We also carry polyester briefcases from brands like Floto, Good Hope, and McKleinUSA. Choose a classic or try something new. All cases are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards.

Shop By Feature

After narrowing your search to our waterproof briefcases or another type of polyester briefcases that meet your needs, explore the features of the cases. For example, look for bags that are laptop compatible to find the perfect case for toting a laptop. Then, search for a design that has hard or soft sides. There are plenty of options for finding exactly the right features.

Got Briefcases is the source for the best briefcases, from style, to materials, to functionality. Shop our extensive collection today.

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9 Item(s)