Attache Briefcases

Attache Cases for Men and Women

An attache case is a perfect addition for every person who sees themselves as professional individuals with an elegant and timeless sense of style. They portray an image of class, poise and are exclusively worn by highly skilled attorneys, lawyers and businessmen. Not to mention the cool factor an attache case can have thanks to modern media.

Browse our fine selection of attache briefcases and add a fresh high-quality accessory to your professional attire.

Attache Cases for Men and Women

Got Briefcases carries finely made, highly functional attache briefcases for men and women. We specialize in versatile attache cases for professionals on the go, offering items from leading brands that are designed with materials ranging from aluminum to beautifully tanned leather. Whether you need an attache case for the daily commute, attache briefcase for long business trips, or an elegant leather attache case for personal effects you can find them in our selection of durable, professional and stylish cases.

Browse Our Brands

Choose from top brand men’s attache cases that are world-renowned. In our selection of bags are celebrated labels, such as T.Z. Case, Zero Halliburton, and McKlein USA ― versatile briefcases that deliver a perfect balance of durability and style. Classic labels such as Samsonite, Kenneth Cole, and SOLO are also among our ever-expanding selection of attache cases.

Shop By Feature

After browsing our selection of brands, consider the features your briefcase should have. Our leather attache briefcases for men and women make great carry ons, letting you stow laptops and other essentials. For added protection and an extra polished look, we also have fantastic cases with an added lock for extra security of your valuables. If you prefer something that looks more sturdy, we also have fantastic waterproof aluminum cases. Added rollers, soft or hard-sided cases are just some examples of added features for people who have a unique taste and know what they want.


Got Briefcases proudly offers a stylish attache case for each individual that function as great as they look.

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13 Item(s)