Welcoming Jack Georges Briefcases for Men!

We are proud to welcome Jack Georges briefcases for men to the GotBriefcases family. We have long admired Jack Georges briefcases for their high quality materials, design and durability so we are happy to have so many of their finest specimens now available in our collection.

Jack Georges briefcases for men

What Jack Georges men’s briefcases bring to the table is the workmanship of a bygone era re-imagined for the 21st Century. For the past quarter century Jack Georges has been making a name for themselves, employing expert leather workers to

Jack Georges University Triple Gusset Leather Flap Over Briefcase is Made in USA

 create their industry leading hand-crafted bags. And it shows.


Take, for example, the Jack Georges University Triple Gusset Flap Over Leather Briefcase. This fine example of hand-crafted excellence is made from all-American steer hide l

eather and is perfect not just for files but for carrying your laptop. With ballistic nylon lining and a comfortable strap, this bag has both your comfort in mind and the practicalities of your busy schedule thought out.

 And that is just one of the fine quality briefcases that we offer in Jack Georges collection. We also offer Jack Georges briefcases for men that are perfect for those jet-setters that are always on the go. That is what you will find when you take a look at the Jack Georges Generation Edge Carry On Wheeler 17” Laptop Bag. This is the carry-on you will want if you spend as much time traveling (even if just locally) as you do in your home office. The Generation Edge features pockets for shoes, plenty of room for a change of clothes and scratch and stain resistant leather to make sure that I looks just as good on your 200th trip as it does on your 20th.

And if you are looking for a bargain, we have a few of those for you as well. That is what you will find with the Jack Georges Platinum Single Gusset Top Zip Leather Briefcase. This simple high quality briefcase is perfect for that newly minted business person fresh from his last college final. With a briefcase like this, he is sure to stand out in interviews and on his first day on the job.

Jack Georges Platinum Single Gusset Leather Briefcase Is made in USA

And though we are promoting our Jack Georges briefcases for men, be sure to also check out some of the Jack Georges offerings for women as well. The Jack Georges style offers something for everyone.

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