Voyage LA Interviews Got Briefcases CEO


Businesses measure success in different ways. But one of the surest signs your company is doing well is when a respected news source wants to hear your success story.

Our CEO, Vahram Tovmasyan, recently had this impressive opportunity, as he spoke with Voyage LA to talk about the evolution of Got Briefcases and his experiences along the way.

From One-Man Business to Major Online Retailer

Our CEO’s story is important to us because it gives our business a human face. Some retailers are offshoots of large parent companies and never go through the challenging growth phases of a startup, but our company was built from the ground up.

In fact, in the beginning, it wasn’t the sale of stylish carrying case options for men and women that started our CEO down the path to success. In 2008, he began by reselling camera chargers on the Chinese market through eBay.

Vahram’s first business venture was successful, but he wanted to go further and run a company that would reach millions of people by selling high-quality products that are meaningful to everyday life.

After much consideration, he entered the briefcases market, and began growing Got Briefcases into the major online retailer we are today — a company that now sells an array of stylish carrying case designs, in addition to briefcases for work and travel.

Sole Proprietorship and Business Values

When you start a business as a sole proprietor, one of the most important rungs on the ladder to success is offering excellent customer service. There is no corporate support to bolster your fledgling business right out of the gate, so you have to hit the ground running.

This is what our CEO did — and by combining top service with selling stylish carrying case designs for men and women, he created a simple, synergistic business model that still catalyzes our success to this day.

However, it wasn’t smooth sailing from the start. Like many companies that pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, experience was a great teacher of how to conduct business and avoid situations that throw obstacles in the path to success.

As Vahram explained in the interview, "I had to trust people to help me get started, some of whom were either incompetent or wanted to sell me services I didn’t need. I learned that, in order to develop any relationship in business, one has to have a tough skin and the nerve to take chances. The challenges I experienced ended up being learning opportunities for me."

What the Future Holds for Got Briefcases

Thanks to the time and hard work our CEO invested in opening and advancing our business, we’re well-positioned for continued growth. Moving forward, we’ll use every viable opportunity to expand our product line and reach more people who need a stylish carrying case for daily life.

But no matter how much we grow, we’ll always remember our roots. They were planted by our CEO and continue to define our customer-oriented vision of success.

See the full interview here.

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