Traveling For Work? Take These Essential Travel Accessories, Luggage, and Briefcases

Traveling for work can be an exhausting experience. Waiting in lines at the airport, hailing cabs, and checking into hotels all adds to the pressure of having to work while traveling. So, explore your best options for sturdy, functional luggage and briefcases, pack wisely, and consider some essential travel accessories to keep your journey easy and stress-free.

Travel for work

The Ideal Briefcase

When you’re flying with a major airline, you can bring one carry-on and one personal item. If you’re traveling for work, that personal item will almost always be a small bag or a briefcase that fits a laptop and file folder at the very least. Keeping your work files and expense sheets in the same place makes everything easy to find and simple to organize. Even better, you can often find cases that have enough room for all your device chargers, as well as an additional change of clothes.

The Perfect Luggage

When you’re considering luggage and briefcases that can make traveling easier, go for bags that are durable and long-lasting, yet lightweight enough to allow you to speed through a crowded terminal with ease. Opt for wheeled luggage that can roll in any direction. Though, you should still be able to lift your luggage easily if you’re stowing it in an overhead compartment or retrieving it from an airport carousel.

Same Shirt, Same Shoes

As for your suitcase or large bag, remember that black is your best friend when you’re on the road. As long as you have black pants and shoes, you can carry one or two shirts/blouses and use accessories to change your look from day to day. Men can carry extra ties and belts, while women can add scarves, jewelry, and blazers for modifying their style.

It’s also a good idea to stay at least two nights in a row at the same hotel so you can use their laundry services to freshen up your wardrobe.

Travel Size Toiletries

Knowing what not to pack is just as important as knowing what to bring. While you should definitely skip packing any toiletries many hotels already provide, carrying no-rinse shampoo and a small bottle of cologne/perfume is a great idea if you have a meeting directly after a long flight.

Remember to bring a toiletry bag that effortlessly fits in whichever luggage or briefcases you’re bringing. And if you’re looking to cut down on items to pack, you can stock up on toothbrushes, soap, and lotion at most hotels you visit.

Bring Backups

Having physical copies of your itinerary, flight confirmation, and IDs is always recommended, but with today’s technology, you should have additional copies of everything on your mobile devices. Whether you lose the day’s itinerary or can’t access your electronic ticket, you should always carry a physical backup. A high-resolution scan is your best bet for ensuring vital items like credit cards, driver’s licenses, and passports are readable.

Computer Lock

Travel for workIn the US alone, a computer is stolen every 53 seconds. Since you’ll often find yourself working in public spaces like airport lounges or coffee shops, a computer lock is among essential travel accessories you can invest in. No need to keep an eye on your things when going up to order or using the restroom, and you no longer have to rely on strangers to watch your stuff.

Final Tips

Traveling light is always a good idea for frequent flyers regardless of which luggage or briefcases you’re bringing. After all, when you don’t have oversized checked luggage or multiple bags to tote around, you can minimize the stress associated with traveling through busy airports. Choosing wheeled luggage will keep the weight off your back and evaluating every item you pack will ensure you’re really only taking the essentials.

If you’ve got any questions about which bag sizes or brands are best for business travelers, reach out to our team today!

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