The Samsonite Briefcase Makes a Come-Back

For more than a century now, Samsonite has been virtually synonymous with travel luggage. The Samsonite briefcase created an iconic image in the 1970’s and has since continued to set the standard for professional luggage and carrying cases.  

Samsonite BriefcaseDuring this time, the Samsonite briefcase has staked its reputation on its durability. For TV watchers of a certain age, the classic Samsonite briefcase being pounded by a gorilla is an indelible memory. Even today, Samsonite briefcases are known for their toughness. That is what you find when you look at Samsonite’s current flagship suitcase, the Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite 32 Hardside Spinner Luggage. This remarkable travel case has been shown to survive the most stressful of situations, such a truck passing over it, and survive. Despite the strength of this Samsonite suitcase, it is still surprisingly lite, weighing less than 9 pounds, while having a packing space of 32” x 23” by 14”.

How does Samsonite manage this amazing feat of physics?

The secret has to do with Samsonite’s patented Curv technology, which intricately weaves polypropylene to create a lightweight but incredibly stable shell for Samsonite briefcases and luggage. This combination of durability and ease of use is what has vaulted Samsonite back the top of the briefcase and luggage market and what is sure to make Samsonite continue to be a household name when it comes to luggage well into its second century of existence.

But Samsonite is not just as strong as Samson, it is also as intelligent as Solomon, having a brilliantly organized interior space, a telescopic handle for ease of movement, and an easy to use TSA lock that allow you to quickly move through airports and airport security posts alike.

That is why we are proud to offer nearly 200 different Samsonite suitcases, bags and accessories.  Whether it is a protective Samsonite laptop sleeve for your new notebook, a duffel bag for that summer trip you have been planning, or an attaché case to go with your promotion—you are sure to find it in our Samsonite suitcase and baggage collection.

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