Rolling Briefcases for Women

A rolling briefcase for women is not that different than a rolling briefcase for men.  In fact, rolling briefcases for women usually have all the same features that rolling briefcases for men do, just with a bit of a feminine touch.  In that way, these briefcases are a lot like us gals—capable of doing everything a man does, but with a little bit of an attractive feminine twist added in for good measure.

So what should you look for in a rolling briefcase for women?


Begin by considering the purpose of the briefcase and how you or your lady friend will be using it. Take one of our most popular briefcases for women, the Royce Leather Ultimate Computer/Commuter Travel Briefcase, Wheeled Laptop Case. With four compartments for everything from your computer, cell and important documents to your pens and business cards, this all-purpose travel and business bag gets the job done whether you need to negotiate a crowded airport lobby or the next million dollar deal.  This is the briefcase of briefcases for women who just don’t have the time be fussing with multiple work cases.


Got Briefcases also offers you briefcases for women which come in a range of price points so that even if you are just beginning to climb the corporate ladder and are on a shoestring budget, you will still be able to find the perfect business case to meet your needs. A briefcase like the Mcklein USA Granville Wheeled Ladies’ 15.4” Laptop Leather Briefcase, clocks in at less than $150 but still offers you the practicality and durability that you need.

In fact, the McKlein Granville is all about value and durability. Its specially designed ABS honeycomb frame and high density foam protection are made to keep your laptop safe from bumpy rides and rough weather.  Simple and dependable this is a rolling briefcase for women with a no-nonsense attitude.


Rolling Briefcases for WomenBut, as we ladies know, your style is not irrelevant. Your briefcase, like your outfit and business card, says something about you. That is why Got Briefcases also carries a number of briefcases that don’t just do the job but that do it with pizzazz. That is what you find when you look over a rolling briefcase for women such as the Jack George Milano Collection Women’s Rolling Laptop Briefcase. This leather beauty comes in an array of office friendly colors such as cherry, cream or green and is perfectly manufactured to keep you organized. Its accordion divider and open back pocket make it so much more than just a carrying case for your laptop.

The Jack George’s slim build and ergonomically adjustable telescopic handle, make slipping through crowds or down airplane aisles a cinch, and its clean leather cut make you look good while you are doing it as well.

Style, value, versatility—yes! Us gals want it all and we know we deserve it. Whether it is in choosing a rolling briefcase for women or a career path, we won’t take second best. So peruse our selections at Got Briefcases. You are sure to find the perfect case for you.

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