How To Keep Your Belongings Safe While Traveling

Throughout the times in my life I have sort of mastered the travel tips to utilize as I journey to keep my things safely secured.  It worries me if I will pass out while waiting for a train in Italy or riding in random cabs in Brazil, so I have tried to perfect the KEEP MY THINGS SAFE while traveling.  My MacBook and my IPhone are very prized items of mine that I use daily and if I were to loose them, I may have a melt down in public in a foreign country.  Of course I do care about style at the same time so you will not here me say you need to wear some funny looking contraption or device that makes you look nerdy. Let’s be cool about it.

Protect and Shelter Your Passport

Out of all the items you can interchange if they go missing, the passport is the one item that can cause complete hell in international waters.  Before you travel and leave you home, take a picture of your passport and email or gmail it to yourself, also save a copy in your IPhone as well as make a photocopy.  This will be done for you as well as provide it to friends and family back home in case something occurs to your IPhone or photocopy or in case you delete your email to yourself.  Leave the paper copy at your hotel, don’t carry it around with you. BTW right down and email all your credit card 800 numbers in case you loose your cards, and need to cancel them.  I learned from first hand experience in Brazil, but my friend Angie Trinh helped greatly at calming my ass down. But followed by the lecture of why would you bring your company credit cards to a vacation in Brazil.  I was dumb.

Your Travel Safe Is Your Suitcase

It seems as though most freaking hotel safes are just big enough to put your passport in as well as maybe a few pieces of paper, but in nowhere the size to even put a IPhone 6 plus in let alone a computer.  This is why, I highly recommend that you get a locked for your suitcase and use the suitcase as the safe, for items like your MacBook and etc.  Most thieves are not going to steal your entire heavy ass suitcase, as bad guys tend to be more conspicuous and want to be able to sneak on by.

Do Not Use A Camera Bag For Your Camera

Yes I know you have a nice high mega pixel camera and you were sold a nice camera bag, but a camera bag advertises that a camera is in the bag and bad guys will steal your camera bag.  So do not use a camera bag!  Use a nylon bright neon color messenger bag or suede satchel to store your camera, down play the value.  We carry plenty of options on our site that would work perfectly for the down play of the expensive camera.

Tag Your Name On Every Damn Thing

On everything, from your suitcase to your laptop to your tennis shoes to your baseball cap, write your name, email, and phone number with country code.  This is because if you loose something, the person whom finds it most likely will attempt to get it back to you at one point.  Yes most people are nice and do that type of thing.

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