en-USGot Briefcases Blog Got Briefcases Blog Mon, 06 Sep 2021 09:33:47 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= How to Keep Your Leather Travel Case in Top Shape A finely made, genuine leather travel bag is something to cherish. After all, this high-quality accessory is a timeless piece that can last for years. However, a leather travel case is a lot like your own skin: if you want it to stay looking its best, it needs moisturizing and careful upkeep.

Of course, even the most careful owner can’t prevent a bag from aging. Genuine leather naturally ages over time — again, much like your skin. But with proper care and maintenance, your bag will age like a fine wine, creating a beautiful, weathered look known as a “patina.”

So, how do you ensure that your bag stays in tip-top shape? Here are some tips that will help you avoid damage and deal with inevitable wear. Follow this advice, and your bag can last for years, looking beautiful from the first day you carry it until the last time you put it away.

Protect With Oil and Polish

To help your leather travel case retain its color and supple feel, condition it with the recommended type of leather oil once a month. This will moisturize the fabric and keep it from drying out, which can eventually cause cracking. But what happens if your bag is scratched in-between conditioning sessions?

Scratches are nearly unavoidable, and, over time, they can add to the character of your bag. However, you can keep scratches at bay longer by applying polish to the bag’s exterior. Boot polish or saddle soap will give the case a protective barrier, helping to spare the leather from damage.

However, remember that any polish — even clear polish — subtly changes the color of your genuine leather travel bag. Before you liberally apply polish and elbow grease, make sure to test the polish’s effect on a small, hidden area of the leather, such as the underside of the case or the luggage tag.

Clean Away Dirt

If scratches are nearly inevitable, dirt marks on your bag are a guarantee. After all, we take our bags everywhere — airports, subways, sidewalks — and ambient dirt will stick to practically any genuine leather travel bag. Thankfully, dirt and dust wipe off easily, and many of the scuff marks they leave behind are removable, too.

Applying a small amount of warm water with a soft rag is a good option for removing marks left by dirt and dust. Never submerge your leather travel case in water. Take the soft, damp cloth and gently buff away the marks to leave your bag looking as good as new.

When we say to buff “gently,” we mean it; using too much pressure on your bag can damage the protective finish, ultimately doing more harm than good. Cleaning with water is relatively quick. If you do it right, you’ll eliminate any pesky dirt marks that accrue from your daily travels.

Protect your leather Travel case from Heat, Cold, and Rain

The best way to keep your leather travel case safe from inclement weather is to check the forecast, and carry a non-leather bag if precipitation is predicted. The finish on many leather bags makes them lightly water-resistant, but they can’t withstand downpours or ice that clings.

Speaking of weather, prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold can compromise leather’s protective finish, leaving a genuine leather travel bag vulnerable to damage. Try to keep your bag out of direct sunlight and shielded from extreme cold the same as you would when caring for your skin.

But what if your bag unexpectedly gets caught in the rain? Once you get inside, gently wipe the bag with a soft, dry cloth and let the bag air dry. Don’t set your bag on a radiator or dry it with a hair dryer. Exposure to the concentrated heat can damage the bag. If you give it time to dry on its own, your bag will look better and last longer.

Store the Case Properly

Leather Travel Case On The Floor

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready for a trip and discovering that your travel case was damaged in storage. If you don’t take the time to store it properly, it can happen. This is why it’s important to carefully put your leather travel case away once you make it home.

Before you do put your bag away, clean it carefully and apply some oil and polish. Then, take a dust-resistant bag — either the one that came with your bag or one you can get for cheap at a department store -- and slip your case inside the container. Then, place it in the storage area in a position where it isn’t crowded by other objects. Just like that, you’ve properly stored your case.

Proper Care for Better Wear

A genuine leather travel bag is a beautiful accessory that deserves special care. If you take time to follow these steps, your leather travel case will remain beautiful, durable, and highly functional for one trip after another — whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

See Our Selection Today

Don’t have a leather travel bag yet? What are you waiting for? Visit our online store to see our selection of gorgeous leather bags. We offer upscale suitcases, briefcases, and other bags at competitive prices. Who knows, you just might find your new, favorite travel companion!

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Travel in Style for the Holidays With Italian Leather Cases This year, nearly 103 million Americans will travel for the holidays. Men and women everywhere will head to the nearest plane, train, or automobile, clutching every kind of luggage. But almost no one’s suitcase looks quite as good as a leather briefcase from Got Briefcases. If you’d like to travel in style this holiday season, bring along an Italian leather case. These bags are fashionable, functional, and exceptionally well-made.

What Makes Italian Leather Special?

Italian Leather Case

leather is among the best fabrics in the fashion industry. It is tanned with natural materials like vegetable tannin, creating a supple fabric that is built to last. The fabric is one-of-a-kind. The natural materials in the tanning process give an Italian leather briefcase a unique look and a soft feel that you don’t find with other kinds of leather; it’s truly a cut above the rest.

Chic Italian Style

Of course, upscale Italian leather cases wouldn’t be a fashion statement without talented designers who create beautiful work. Designers for the best brands of leather cases are dedicated to crafting the very best pieces and it shows in the finished product. There’s a reason leather is so popular!

The popularity creates plenty of product choices. If you’re looking for the best of the best, shop for brands that have a history of delivering it. Brands of leather briefcases we recommend for sophisticated travelers include Boconi, Alberto Bellucci, and I Medici. Focus on time-tested brands that have had years to perfect their design and manufacturing processes.   

Fashion and Function

Designers of Italian leather bags are passionate about the products they make. But the passion can be seen in more than just the leather. Every part of the bag, from the interior lining to the stitching on the handle, is created with utmost care and attention to detail.

With an leather case at your side, you can have plenty of storage space for must-have carry-along items. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just down the street on your daily commute to work, you have a case that simplifies the storage and transportation of essentials you need when traveling for work or pleasure.  

An Everyday Accessory

Black Italian Leather

The functionality of an Italian leather case makes it a great choice for holiday travel, but this isn’t all it’s good for. The bags are highly durable, and they look great with both formal and casual dress. If you ask us, you can use an Italian leather bag all year long.

In fact, leather briefcases make excellent holiday gifts for this reason. For instance, a high school graduate could use his new briefcase or messenger bag throughout his college years, and even use it for his first office job!

Give Yourself a Gift

If you’d like to have an leather case at your side this Christmas, you may be lucky enough to know someone who wants to buy you a really nice present, and wouldn’t mind splurging a bit. If not, be your own Santa Claus, and give yourself the gift of leather. It’s a great way to enter the new year in style!

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Water Resistant Laptop Bags: Situations Where They Protect Your Computer Everyday, people upload loads of vital information onto their laptops, which have become essential tools for work, education, and everyday living. If this describes the role your portable computer plays in your life, the last thing you want is water damage to the computer.

If you ask us, the best way to prevent a watery grave for your computer is using a water resistant laptop bag. This type of bag can protect against all sorts of unexpected incidents that involve water, such as:

Unexpected Rainfall

No one can control the weather, but you can protect your electronics from an unexpected shower. When you’re stuck walking in the rain, a water resistant laptop bag can help keep your computer, phone, and other work essentials dry.

The bag is made from non-absorbent materials, so raindrops can’t seep through and damage the electronics inside. The bag isn’t designed to be submerged, but it can easily withstand a brisk walk through the rain.

Spilled Liquids

Everyone spills a drink cup once in awhile. If your laptop is near your cup the next time you make a spill, even a small splash of liquid could lead to major water damage to your computer. With a bag from us, you can protect your laptop with a carrying case that withstands those spills.

When your laptop, tablet, or phone is secured in a water resistant laptop bag, it’s safe from any non-corrosive liquid that could cause water damage. One water resistant bag from Got Briefcases is all it takes to ensure that your carry-along items are safe from water damage.

Hotel Room Sprinklers

Picture this: You’re on a business trip, and you’ve just settled into your hotel room. You put down your bag and before you know it the sprinkler system unleashes a torrential rainstorm, courtesy of the smoker in his room at the end of the hall.

A water-resistant laptop bag can keep your computer safe during an indoor sprinkler incident, even if the suit you’re wearing is soaked straight through. You may have to change clothes, but you won’t need to switch to a different computer.

Luggage Spills

Sometimes, spills happen right inside your luggage. Shampoo, conditioner, and water bottles have been known to burst during plane flights, soiling everything in the luggage. When this happens, you may deplane to discover that you have water damage to a computer.

How can you prevent spills in your suitcase from damaging your laptop that’s also stored in the suitcase? Simply remove the laptop and carry it in one of our bags, or just place the computer in one of our water resistant laptop bag designs, and then place it in the suitcase.  

Protect Your Laptop

Computers can experience many things that make them stop working properly, but water damage is one of the worst. If your laptop is water damaged, you may have to pay for a costly repair, or even buy a new computer. Carry your laptop in a water resistant laptop bag to help keep it in top condition for work, school, or simply surfing the web in your free time.

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Voyage LA Interviews Got Briefcases CEO Briefcase

Businesses measure success in different ways. But one of the surest signs your company is doing well is when a respected news source wants to hear your success story.

Our CEO, Vahram Tovmasyan, recently had this impressive opportunity, as he spoke with Voyage LA to talk about the evolution of Got Briefcases and his experiences along the way.

From One-Man Business to Major Online Retailer

Our CEO’s story is important to us because it gives our business a human face. Some retailers are offshoots of large parent companies and never go through the challenging growth phases of a startup, but our company was built from the ground up.

In fact, in the beginning, it wasn’t the sale of stylish carrying case options for men and women that started our CEO down the path to success. In 2008, he began by reselling camera chargers on the Chinese market through eBay.

Vahram’s first business venture was successful, but he wanted to go further and run a company that would reach millions of people by selling high-quality products that are meaningful to everyday life.

After much consideration, he entered the briefcases market, and began growing Got Briefcases into the major online retailer we are today — a company that now sells an array of stylish carrying case designs, in addition to briefcases for work and travel.

Sole Proprietorship and Business Values

When you start a business as a sole proprietor, one of the most important rungs on the ladder to success is offering excellent customer service. There is no corporate support to bolster your fledgling business right out of the gate, so you have to hit the ground running.

This is what our CEO did — and by combining top service with selling stylish carrying case designs for men and women, he created a simple, synergistic business model that still catalyzes our success to this day.

However, it wasn’t smooth sailing from the start. Like many companies that pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, experience was a great teacher of how to conduct business and avoid situations that throw obstacles in the path to success.

As Vahram explained in the interview, "I had to trust people to help me get started, some of whom were either incompetent or wanted to sell me services I didn’t need. I learned that, in order to develop any relationship in business, one has to have a tough skin and the nerve to take chances. The challenges I experienced ended up being learning opportunities for me."

What the Future Holds for Got Briefcases

Thanks to the time and hard work our CEO invested in opening and advancing our business, we’re well-positioned for continued growth. Moving forward, we’ll use every viable opportunity to expand our product line and reach more people who need a stylish carrying case for daily life.

But no matter how much we grow, we’ll always remember our roots. They were planted by our CEO and continue to define our customer-oriented vision of success.

See the full interview here.

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10 Items That Shouldn't Go in the Cargo Hold

10 Items That Shouldn't Go in the Cargo Hold

For many business professionals, business air travel is an essential part of the job. If your career frequently has you on the go in an airplane, you know how important it is to pack the proper supplies.

When preparing for a business trip, how you carry your work essentials can be as important as what you pack. Most of your supplies can probably go in a plane’s cargo hold, but there are also some items you should carry with you on the plane to keep them accessible and well-protected.

Your Travel Documents

If you’re a seasoned traveler, this may seem obvious. After all, you’ll need travel documents like your passport, ID, or boarding pass just to make it to your destination. If you’re new to business air travel, make sure you don’t forget to pack your travel documents in a carry-on bag. There’s no way to retrieve travel documents from the cargo hold until after the plane lands.

Keeping important documents in your carry-on involves more than the travel documents you need to present. It includes hotel information for your final destination, your travel itinerary, and documents you will need for the business meeting. If your bags happen to get lost, you’ll still have access to all of the essential records you need for the trip.  

Your Business Documents

Airports misplace bags about one percent of the time. However, if you’re a frequent air traveler, your odds of winning this obnoxious lottery increase. This is why it’s best to keep the most important work documents with you when you fly.

Heading overseas to sign a contract with a new client? Keep the contract forms in your business travel case, and don’t let it out of your sight. Even if you’re traveling for a conference, or to train employees at a new location, it’s smart to keep any work-related materials in your carry-on luggage. This way, you can be sure that they arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Cash and Other Valuables

Planning to wear grandma’s pearls to your corporate meeting? What about bringing some extra spending money? If you plan to bring cash or other valuable items, don’t let them head to the plane’s cargo hold.

According to CNN, air travelers lost about $2.5 million in missing valuables from 2010 to 2014, much of it snatched from checked baggage. Airport employees (including TSA agents) have been caught taking cash, jewelry, and more from travelers’ bags.

Most airport employees would never turn checked luggage into their personal shopping spree. But to be absolutely sure your prized possessions make it home, it’s best to keep them in your business travel case.

Your Medication

Again, this may seem like an obvious choice to seasoned vets of business air travel, but it can be critically important to remember. If you need medication to remedy a health condition, never put it in your checked baggage.

Remember: One percent of bags never make it into the cargo hold. If your luggage is lost with your medication inside, you could be in for a trip to the hospital. Take the essential precaution of keeping your medication in carry-on bag.

Extra Clothing

After your bag heads into the cargo hold, accidents could happen. Your toiletry bag could burst from being compressed by other luggage, leaking toothpaste and shampoo everywhere. Or an anxious puppy could chew his way through the bag if it presses to close to the cage.

If your checked luggage experiences one of these travel mishaps, you could end up with nothing else to wear, until you can go shopping at your flight’s destination. One way to avoid the situation during business air travel is to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage.

Extra clothes are useful even useful if your bag makes it to your destination unscathed. Who hasn’t wanted to freshen up after a long flight? Putting on new clothes after you land can help refresh your mood, as you get ready for the next phase of your important business trip.

Red Wine

This one is a little tricky. After all, every business air traveler knows you can’t bring more than a quart-sized bag of liquids onto a plane. What should you do with the souvenir bottle of fine wine you received from the UK office?

If you send it into the cargo hold, you may have a wine-stained wardrobe when you get home. A professional baggage handler explained to Fox News Travel that checked bags always take a beating a side effect of expedited air travel.

Try not to put fragile items (particularly bottles of staining liquids) into your checked bags. If you must, a sturdy business travel case can keep your vino safe from bumps and jolts that air turbulence could throw your way.

Cordless Curling Irons

This tip is mainly for ladies on business air travel. We all want to look our best when we step into the boardroom, but if you’re flying to get there, you may need to adjust your beauty routine.

Cordless curling irons (which use a gas or butane charge) aren’t permitted in your checked luggage. This is because all of the jostling in the cargo hold could ignite the curler and a lit, gas-powered, heated device could cause serious damage.

The TSA prohibits butane curlers from entering the cargo hold, but you can bring a cordless curler on your business trip. Just make sure the item is in your carry on, and that you’ve secured it with a safety cover.

Camera Film

Your air travels shouldn’t be strictly about business! In fact, many business travelers consider their trips an opportunity to get work done and discover new places. If you’re planning to sightsee in your off hours, you’ll want to bring a camera along.

If you’re using a cell phone or digital camera to capture memories, don’t worry about packing it with your checked bags. If you’re using film, however, you may want to think twice. The x-ray machine can damage your camera’s film.

If you’re concerned about protecting your camera film, keep your camera with you and ask the TSA not to put it through the x-ray machine, as you go through security. This way, you’ll be sure to get the perfect picture.

Your House or Car Keys

When you’re preparing for a business trip, a million things can on your mind. Did you bring all of the necessary documents? Are you prepared for your meetings and presentations? How easy will it be to find your way around the new city?

In all the hustle and bustle, one thing is likely to slip your mind: how you’ll get back home. If you toss your house or car keys into your checked baggage, getting home may be harder than anticipated.

Keep your keys in a place where they’re unlikely to get moved. For example, many business travel cases contain zipper pockets. Place your keys safely inside, and you’ll always know where they are. It’s a simple measure that can keep you from calling AAA after your return flight.

Your Laptop (Maybe)

Most of us use computer devices daily. But the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in some of the devices can cause problems when traveling. In fact, the FAA has considered banning certain devices from plane cabins, after hearing stories of cell phones spontaneously combusting.

However, the rules for lithium-ion batteries aren’t consistent everywhere you go. According to the BBC, the UN banned lithium batteries in cargo holds in 2016, after too many batteries that were grouped together ignited, causing devastating fires in several passenger aircrafts.

Before you travel, check the regulations for your airline, your country, and your destination. If you can bring a battery-powered computer with you, be sure to place it in a high-quality carrying case to protect it from bumps and jolts that could happen in the narrow confines of passenger jets.

Pack Smart

Business air travel can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. If you take time to plan carefully, pack smart, and give yourself time to navigate the airport, it can actually be enjoyable.

By keeping the items above out of the cargo hold, you can avoid several scenarios that no air traveler whether traveling for business or pleasure wants to encounter.

If you need business travel cases to start packing for your trip, check out our fine selection of cases for business travelers today.

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Back to School Basics: Essentials For College Students With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to complete back to college shopping lists and fill your cart to the brim with all the essentials. With all of the other preparations you need to make, finding the best back to college backpacks and other essential bags and can seem like a chore, but a new set of carry alongs may be just what you need to start the new year off right.

Back to College Essentials

Laptop Cases

To thoroughly protect your laptop, place it into a protective sleeve and a laptop bag that are designed for your computer’s specific dimensions. Choosing a water-resistant bag is always a smart option. If you get caught in the rain while traveling between buildings, your laptop and its essential files are sure to stay safe and dry.   

Laptop Case


Whether you use it to tote a microscope to the lab or haul English books to the library, you need a backpack that’s ergonomically designed to be easy on your back, especially if you’re on a big campus that requires long walks. Focus on choosing a backpack based on the size and weight of what you need to carry, and experience the difference in comfort.     


Duffel Bags

One of the perks of being a college student is that you often have free access to a gym and exercise equipment. A roomy duffel bag is the perfect option for transporting your workout essentials to the exercise center and back. If you’re a collegiate athlete, you can also use a duffel bag to carry your uniform, hygiene products, and other personal essentials to home and away games.   

If your college campus is close to home, consider a duffel bag to travel back and forth between school and home. A duffel bag is perfect for transporting what you’ll need for that weekend back home.

Duffle Bag

Travel Cases

Backpacks for back to school are used for toting school essentials around campus, but they aren’t designed to double as luggage. When it’s time to head home for longer breaks or travel to study abroad for the semester, having durable, spacious luggage on hand makes it easier to pack everything you need, and keep it in great condition throughout the trip.  

Travel Bag

Organizers & Stationery

New technology in classrooms, labs, and libraries has changed the college learning experience dramatically, but one thing has stayed the same: Many students prefer to learn by taking notes the traditional way, writing on paper that’s contained in organizers. If you need essential accessories such as stationary cases, padfolios, and notebooks getting them when you buy a backpack simplifies shopping. Check off all of the boxes on your list in one fell swoop.  

Organizers & Stationery Bag

Backpack Brands and Features

Got Briefcases carries back to college backpacks from quality brands that use lasting materials, including: Samsonite, Piel Leather, and Jack Georges backpacks in materials like tough polyester, tanned leather, and lightweight nylon. College backpacks can take a beating, as they’re taken from dorm rooms, to classes, to the cafeteria, and back again. You need a design and material that are the perfect fit for your active life.  

Depending on the designer and bag model, helpful backpack features that students should look for include:

  • Multiple compartments for laptops and other portable computer devices
  • Bottom rollers for easily moving heavy packs across campus
  • Waterproof material to keep computers, lecture notes, and books safe from rain

Going to college often involves moving your entire life from where you sleep, to where you eat, to where you socialize to a new location. Making the move involves a long checklist of to-dos, but our online backpack selection helps you complete back to college shopping with less hassle.

Find Just the Right Backpack

After considering the best back to college backpacks based on your needs, it’s time to focus on the features of the bags. Our backpacks have a wide range of functions and designs, including a number of fun rolling bags that make traveling across campus easier.

See our large bags that students can use for carrying books from different courses, as they move from building to building to attend lectures. Our full-size backpacks are great options for busy university students, who have plenty to pack each day: books, smart devices, energizing snacks, and more.  

Top Designs for Students

In our growing collection of durable backpacks, you’ll find bags that are perfect for back to college. Have questions about choosing back to college backpacks this year? We’d be happy to speak with you about our backpacks for back to school, and help you choose one that meets your needs, as you prepare to go to college to study for the future.

Contact us today!

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Welcoming Jack Georges Briefcases for Men! We are proud to welcome Jack Georges briefcases for men to the GotBriefcases family. We have long admired Jack Georges briefcases for their high quality materials, design and durability so we are happy to have so many of their finest specimens now available in our collection.

Jack Georges briefcases for men

What Jack Georges men’s briefcases bring to the table is the workmanship of a bygone era re-imagined for the 21st Century. For the past quarter century Jack Georges has been making a name for themselves, employing expert leather workers to

Jack Georges University Triple Gusset Leather Flap Over Briefcase is Made in USA

 create their industry leading hand-crafted bags. And it shows.


Take, for example, the Jack Georges University Triple Gusset Flap Over Leather Briefcase. This fine example of hand-crafted excellence is made from all-American steer hide l

eather and is perfect not just for files but for carrying your laptop. With ballistic nylon lining and a comfortable strap, this bag has both your comfort in mind and the practicalities of your busy schedule thought out.

 And that is just one of the fine quality briefcases that we offer in Jack Georges collection. We also offer Jack Georges briefcases for men that are perfect for those jet-setters that are always on the go. That is what you will find when you take a look at the Jack Georges Generation Edge Carry On Wheeler 17” Laptop Bag. This is the carry-on you will want if you spend as much time traveling (even if just locally) as you do in your home office. The Generation Edge features pockets for shoes, plenty of room for a change of clothes and scratch and stain resistant leather to make sure that I looks just as good on your 200th trip as it does on your 20th.

And if you are looking for a bargain, we have a few of those for you as well. That is what you will find with the Jack Georges Platinum Single Gusset Top Zip Leather Briefcase. This simple high quality briefcase is perfect for that newly minted business person fresh from his last college final. With a briefcase like this, he is sure to stand out in interviews and on his first day on the job.

Jack Georges Platinum Single Gusset Leather Briefcase Is made in USA

And though we are promoting our Jack Georges briefcases for men, be sure to also check out some of the Jack Georges offerings for women as well. The Jack Georges style offers something for everyone.

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Traveling For Work? Take These Essential Travel Accessories, Luggage, and Briefcases Traveling for work can be an exhausting experience. Waiting in lines at the airport, hailing cabs, and checking into hotels all adds to the pressure of having to work while traveling. So, explore your best options for sturdy, functional luggage and briefcases, pack wisely, and consider some essential travel accessories to keep your journey easy and stress-free.

Travel for work

The Ideal Briefcase

When you’re flying with a major airline, you can bring one carry-on and one personal item. If you’re traveling for work, that personal item will almost always be a small bag or a briefcase that fits a laptop and file folder at the very least. Keeping your work files and expense sheets in the same place makes everything easy to find and simple to organize. Even better, you can often find cases that have enough room for all your device chargers, as well as an additional change of clothes.

The Perfect Luggage

When you’re considering luggage and briefcases that can make traveling easier, go for bags that are durable and long-lasting, yet lightweight enough to allow you to speed through a crowded terminal with ease. Opt for wheeled luggage that can roll in any direction. Though, you should still be able to lift your luggage easily if you’re stowing it in an overhead compartment or retrieving it from an airport carousel.

Same Shirt, Same Shoes

As for your suitcase or large bag, remember that black is your best friend when you’re on the road. As long as you have black pants and shoes, you can carry one or two shirts/blouses and use accessories to change your look from day to day. Men can carry extra ties and belts, while women can add scarves, jewelry, and blazers for modifying their style.

It’s also a good idea to stay at least two nights in a row at the same hotel so you can use their laundry services to freshen up your wardrobe.

Travel Size Toiletries

Knowing what not to pack is just as important as knowing what to bring. While you should definitely skip packing any toiletries many hotels already provide, carrying no-rinse shampoo and a small bottle of cologne/perfume is a great idea if you have a meeting directly after a long flight.

Remember to bring a toiletry bag that effortlessly fits in whichever luggage or briefcases you’re bringing. And if you’re looking to cut down on items to pack, you can stock up on toothbrushes, soap, and lotion at most hotels you visit.

Bring Backups

Having physical copies of your itinerary, flight confirmation, and IDs is always recommended, but with today’s technology, you should have additional copies of everything on your mobile devices. Whether you lose the day’s itinerary or can’t access your electronic ticket, you should always carry a physical backup. A high-resolution scan is your best bet for ensuring vital items like credit cards, driver’s licenses, and passports are readable.

Computer Lock

Travel for workIn the US alone, a computer is stolen every 53 seconds. Since you’ll often find yourself working in public spaces like airport lounges or coffee shops, a computer lock is among essential travel accessories you can invest in. No need to keep an eye on your things when going up to order or using the restroom, and you no longer have to rely on strangers to watch your stuff.

Final Tips

Traveling light is always a good idea for frequent flyers regardless of which luggage or briefcases you’re bringing. After all, when you don’t have oversized checked luggage or multiple bags to tote around, you can minimize the stress associated with traveling through busy airports. Choosing wheeled luggage will keep the weight off your back and evaluating every item you pack will ensure you’re really only taking the essentials.

If you’ve got any questions about which bag sizes or brands are best for business travelers, reach out to our team today!

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The History of Samsonite Brand & Their Worldwide Reach In Traveling Leading Global Travel Industry (Inside look at Samsonite)


Samsonite is a not just a brand but rather an industry, a global phenomenon as people from all parts of the world use the word “Samsonite” instead of the world suitcase or luggage these days. This brand has molded and single handedly created an industry as Ford did with automobiles. Samsonite International S.A. is the world's largest travel luggage company, with a heritage dating back more than 100 years.


Bet you didn’t know in 1961, Samsonite manufactured and distributed Lego building toys for the North American market under license from the Danish parent firm. A licensing dispute ended the arrangement in the U.S. in 1972, but Samsonite remained the distributor in Canada until 1986. Albert H. Reckler, then head of Military and export sales for the luggage division, brought the idea of manufacturing and selling Lego in the U.S. to Samsonite. He and Stan A. Clamage were influential in establishing the Lego brand in the United States. This was part of an overall company expansion into toy manufacturing in the 1960s that was abandoned in the 1970s.

samsonite history

Samsonite was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, a luggage salesman, as the ShwayderTrunk Manufacturing Company. A very religious man, Shwayder named one of his initial cases Samson, after the Biblecharacter, and began using the trademark Samsonite in 1941. The company transformed its name to Samsonite in 1966. For many years, Samsonite Furniture Co., made folding chairs and card tables in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. During the better part of the last 100 years, they have not only commercialized but also revolutionized the luggage industry with innovating industry styles and fashion to help us, to help the world travel happier.


Samsonite started with the core value of mainly engaging in the design, manufacture, sourcing and distribution of new styles of luggage, business and bags, outdoor and street bags, and travel accessories. In the 70’s the Shwayder family sold the company to Beatrice Foods and that’s when Samsonite began to enter a roller coaster of world.


The core brand, Samsonite, is one of the most well-known travel luggage brands in the world and has been central brand to the growth and success of their business since it was first introduced in 1941. But they have created many other from throughout the years such as the luxurious Hartmann but in 1993, they acquired American Tourister, Inc., based in Providence, Rhode Island. This enabled them to market products under two of the most well-known and respected brands in the luggage market in the world.


The long standing home base of the Denver factory, which employed 4,000 at its peak, closed in May 2001. Samsonite headquarters moved from Denver to Mansfield, Massachusetts after a change of ownership in 2005. CVC Capital Partners Ltd. in July 2007 became Samsonite's fifth owner in 21 years. The brand was going through so many struggles after the original sale back in the 70’s until the past decade.


In 2012, Samsonite acquired the High Sierra and Hartmann brands, both based in the U.S. Founded in 1978, High Sierra's products are targeted at lively lifestyle consumers and the procurement enabled them to expand into the casual outdoor and sport segments of the worldwide luggage market. The Hartmann brand, founded by Joseph S. Hartmann in 1877, is recognized as a mark of excellence among American luxury consumers and the acquisition enables Samsonite to expand its presence in the high-end luggage and leather goods market in the U.S. and globally.


In 2005 the company was bought by Marcello Bottoli, former chief executive of Louis Vuitton, as president and CEO, to pull them out of a long slump. Bottoli left the company in 2009 after the finance investor CVC took full control of the company by sinking over 1 billion dollars into the company.  It was tough seeing Marcello Bottoli

 Exit the company because he was the person who had a vision and took Samsonite to another level, he was and will always be a visionary in the luggage industry.


In 2014, they broaden their brand portfolio with the Lipault and Speck acquisitions. Created in 2004, Lipault is a chic and youthful French brand known for its efficient and fashionable products. It allows us to engage with female consumers through Lipault's signature Parisian style and vibrant colors. Speck, founded in Silicon Valley for computer nerds, in 2001, designs and distributes thindefensive cases for personal electronic devices. This acquirement enabled Samsonite to enter the fast growing market for smart phone and tablet cases.


Whatever the future holds, we know Samsonite will continue to innovate how you and I travel the world.


A Samsonite Lover.

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Basic tips for any woman to start accessorizing for any occasion… So, here’s the deal. You’ve woken up, eaten breakfast, done some minor chores, showered, and are now ready for the day, except… what do you wear? Do you accessorize? Do you have time? Or is it a lazy kind of day? Here are a few tips for how to accessorize depending on what you have going on. Are you going to work? Going to the gym? Going to lunch?  A date?  These are the main reasons, us girls get up in the morning. So here’s a helpful guide of what you should keep in your closet for any and all of these occasions, from small accessories to the ever needed purse. Peruse on and maybe your day will be just a little bit easier especially if you’re not really sure where to start.

1. Going to the gym

Not everyone goes to the gym first thing in the morning but if the increase in YogaWorks’ memberships and early morning classes are any indication, a lot of women are getting up early to get that cardio or toning sweat in. So what do you wear to the gym? Let’s be honest ladies, most of the time we always want to look good, but when it’s 6 in the morning we all just really want to be prepared. So, make sure you have these essentials before taking off for a hike, the gym, etc:

A gym bag. Simple I know, but so useful. You can have a simple drawstring bag to hold your essentials like keys, water, a towel, extra clothing or carry a nicer more durable over the shoulder nylon bag. The choice is yours, just make sure you bring one and that it is stocked with the items above! That’s really all you need. You should be dressed in your sport gear and wearing your tennis shoes already because you’ll most likely head back home to shower and prepare for work.

If you aren’t going to head back home after the gym, then make sure your bag is almost an overnighter and carries all the necessary tools of the trade for work ladies because gym sweat is not going to impress the cute guy in that corner office.

2. Going to work

If you skip the gym in the morning for an after work session, then you get up to get ready for your 9-5. There’s a bit more that goes into accessorizing for work, but the biggest thing is that you should definitely LAYER! Layer on the accessories and the clothing to make the work day, work for you.  Most offices have that A/C running on high to keep everyone awake and hopefully more productive so a nice blazer or cute professional type jacket is always key so that you can remove it if it gets too hot when you go to lunch, etc. Also, wear something easy and plain under that jacket that won’t be too revealing if said jacket were to be removed or something with a nice print.

Don’t forget the earrings! Earrings are so simple and make an outfit so much better! Keep small dangling earrings and gold or silver studs to alternate days because keeping them somewhat neutral in style will keep it different, but matching every day.

The necklace. This is a little more stylistic. The simpler the better though, at least for work. I like to have 3-4 pieces, 2 that are long and layered a bit and 2 that are short, one simple and one chunky.

Last but not least to complete any ensemble is the bag. You must have a cute, professional bag for your work. Body side bags are perfect, but anything usually works as long as the colors aren’t too extreme, but going neutral and black always works!

3. Going to lunch

Or brunch or any casual activity. A cute light dress or sundress needs some simple accessories.

Sunglasses. Find a good pair or pairs and keep them at your side at all times. A good pair of sunglasses properly frames your face while protecting your eyes from all those UV rays.

Earrings. Same as before but you can match with some cutesy earrings with fun shapes like pineapples, sunflowers, etc. to brighten up the mood of your outing.

Necklace. Choose a cute long one or a simpler, smaller one to accentuate without distracting from the dress you’re wearing. One that fits your neckline is best. Nothing extravagant, remember, simpler is better!

Bracelets! With a dress and cute simple bracelet or a large band bangle works well to accent any dress especially those with skinny wrists.

Bag. Of course, the all essential bag. I keep these bright and colorful to match a sundress, but if you’re unsure, white or black works most of the time.

4. Dinner or more importantly, a date!

So now that you have so many options to choose from to accessorize with, you can expand on them a little bit more or you have everything you already need to make the perfect date outfit! There’s so many options, but as long as you match and feel good about yourself, then that’s all that matters. Make sure you’re wearing a nice dress

Earrings. Here is where I’d use the more fancy earrings and longer dangling earrings. You don’t want them too big though because that would just detract from your gorgeous face!

Necklace. Make sure it matches what you’re wearing. Anything will do, just make it fancier instead of kid-like.

Bag! A cute clutch is always recommended to keep bare essentials, but if you need more things for any emergency, then keep a large tote bag or stylish larger bag to keep by your side.

So there you have it, some basic tips about what type of accessories to use depending on where you’re planning on going! Just keep some basics like sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and purses or bags and you’re all set! Neutral, black, beige, and white are always ideal, but don’t be afraid to venture into bright colors when you’re ready! Being a woman is tough, accessorizing can be easy. This is just a simple reminder of the basics that you need. Once you get more comfortable, expand on your collection!

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