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  • How to Keep Your Leather Travel Case in Top Shape

    A finely made, genuine leather travel bag is something to cherish. After all, this high-quality accessory is a timeless piece that can last for years. However, a leather travel case is a lot like your own skin: if you want it to stay looking its best, it needs moisturizing and careful upkeep.

    Of course, even the most careful owner can’t prevent a bag from aging. Genuine leather naturally ages over time — again, much like your skin. But with proper care and maintenance, your bag will age like a fine wine, creating a beautiful, weathered look known as a “patina.” Continue reading

  • Travel in Style for the Holidays With Italian Leather Cases

    This year, nearly 103 million Americans will travel for the holidays. Men and women everywhere will head to the nearest plane, train, or automobile, clutching every kind of luggage. But almost no one’s suitcase looks quite as good as a leather briefcase from Got Briefcases. If you’d like to travel in style this holiday season, bring along an Italian leather case. These bags are fashionable, functional, and exceptionally well-made.

    What Makes Italian Leather Special?

    Italian Leather Case

    leather is among the best fabrics in the fashion industry. It is tanned with natural materials like vegetable tannin, creating a supple fabric that is built to last. The fabric is one-of-a-kind. The natural materials in the tanning process give an Italian leather briefcase a unique look and a soft feel that you don’t find with other kinds of leather; it’s truly a cut above the rest.

    Chic Italian Style

    Of course, upscale Italian leather cases wouldn’t be a fashion statement without talented designers who create beautiful work. Designers for the best brands of leather cases are dedicated to crafting the very best pieces and it shows in the finished product. There’s a reason leather is so popular!

    The popularity creates plenty of product choices. If you’re looking for the best of the best, shop for brands that have a history of delivering it. Brands of leather briefcases we recommend for sophisticated travelers include Boconi, Alberto Bellucci, and I Medici. Focus on time-tested brands that have had years to perfect their design and manufacturing processes.   

    Fashion and Function

    Designers of Italian leather bags are passionate about the products they make. But the passion can be seen in more than just the leather. Every part of the bag, from the interior lining to the stitching on the handle, is created with utmost care and attention to detail.

    With an leather case at your side, you can have plenty of storage space for must-have carry-along items. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just down the street on your daily commute to work, you have a case that simplifies the storage and transportation of essentials you need when traveling for work or pleasure.  

    An Everyday Accessory

    Black Italian Leather

    The functionality of an Italian leather case makes it a great choice for holiday travel, but this isn’t all it’s good for. The bags are highly durable, and they look great with both formal and casual dress. If you ask us, you can use an Italian leather bag all year long.

    In fact, leather briefcases make excellent holiday gifts for this reason. For instance, a high school graduate could use his new briefcase or messenger bag throughout his college years, and even use it for his first office job!

    Give Yourself a Gift

    If you’d like to have an leather case at your side this Christmas, you may be lucky enough to know someone who wants to buy you a really nice present, and wouldn’t mind splurging a bit. If not, be your own Santa Claus, and give yourself the gift of leather. It’s a great way to enter the new year in style!

  • 10 Items That Shouldn't Go in the Cargo Hold

    10 Items That Shouldn't Go in the Cargo Hold

    For many business professionals, business air travel is an essential part of the job. If your career frequently has you on the go in an airplane, you know how important it is to pack the proper supplies. Continue reading

  • Traveling For Work? Take These Essential Travel Accessories, Luggage, and Briefcases

    Traveling for work can be an exhausting experience. Waiting in lines at the airport, hailing cabs, and checking into hotels all adds to the pressure of having to work while traveling. So, explore your best options for sturdy, functional luggage and briefcases, pack wisely, and consider some essential travel accessories to keep your journey easy and stress-free.

    Continue reading

  • The History of Samsonite Brand & Their Worldwide Reach In Traveling

    Leading Global Travel Industry (Inside look at Samsonite)


    Samsonite is a not just a brand but rather an industry, a global phenomenon as people from all parts of the world use the word “Samsonite” instead of the world suitcase or luggage these days. This brand has molded and single handedly created an industry as Ford did with automobiles. Samsonite International S.A. is the world's largest travel luggage company, with a heritage dating back more than 100 years.

    Continue reading

  • Hang Gliding In Hawaii

    A Different Perspective Of Hawaii Life

    It is laidback to see why Hawaii has become equal with paradise. Just look at these sweet beaches, beautiful coral reefs and picture perfect volcanoes signaling daring souls.  Continue reading

  • NYC Travel Tips For Mom And Child

    If you could pick one ideal travel partner who would that be?

    Your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent or a colleague? Mine is my 4 year old son. I know, you might be shaking your head in disbelief but it’s true! He is, for the most part a great travel companion. We have traveled a good amount as a family since he was born so he knows what is expected of him and the steps involved. And I myself as a mother know what I need to plan for, and pack.

    Continue reading

  • How To Keep Your Belongings Safe While Traveling

    Throughout the times in my life I have sort of mastered the travel tips to utilize as I journey to keep my things safely secured.  It worries me if I will pass out while waiting for a train in Italy or riding in random cabs in Brazil, so I have tried to perfect the KEEP MY THINGS SAFE while traveling.  My MacBook and my IPhone are very prized items of mine that I use daily and if I were to loose them, I may have a melt down in public in a foreign country.  Of course I do care about style at the same time so you will not here me say you need to wear some funny looking contraption or device that makes you look nerdy. Let’s be cool about it.

    Continue reading

  • Travel Facts About The Northern Lights


    The shining dancing lights of the aurora are basically accidents with electrically charged particles from the sun that enter our atmosphere. All the lights are seen on top of the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. This is known as 'Aurora borealis' in the north and 'Aurora australis' in the south..

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  • Women’s Must-Haves accessories

    Women love fashion and stylish essentials.  Got Briefcases has several varieties to choose from. Below are just a few of some of the everyday accessories every woman must have. Continue reading

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