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  • Back to School Basics: Essentials For College Students

    With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to complete back to college shopping lists and fill your cart to the brim with all the essentials. With all of the other preparations you need to make, finding the best back to college backpacks and other essential bags and can seem like a chore, but a new set of carry alongs may be just what you need to start the new year off right.

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  • Modern Trick or Treating Luggage and Bags - Collect Candy In Style

    Trick-or-treating is a customary practice for children on Halloween in many countries. Children in costumes travel from house to house in order to ask for treats such as candy (or, in some cultures, money) with the phrase "Trick or treat!". The "trick" is a (usually idle) threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given to them. Continue reading

  • Back to School in Style and on Wheels!

    School is just around the corner for middle school students all the way to college attendees. Everyone is looking for back to school deals on pens, paper, notebooks, and most importantly, backpacks. However, with the ever-increasing homework and book load, students are looking for the best way to carry their books in style and comfort. J World offers an apt solution with their wheeled backpacks. They know how to appeal to every student’s style and need with their variety of wheeled options. With all the studying that is required nowadays, the last thing students want to worry about is their back or their backpack. A backpack should be sturdy, comfortable, chic, and secure. With comfort, design and versatility, J World has all the options for the everyday student.

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  • Back to School with the Hottest Backpacks

    With school starting just around the corner, students are looking for everything from pens, pencils, calculators, books and the very important backpack. J WORLD has a great selection of backpacks that are ideal for any student heading back to school.  With studying requirements increasing, the last thing students want to fret over is their back and their backpack! A backpack should be firm, comfortable, design forward, and secure. With convenience, style and overall functionality, J WORLD will meet the backpack need of any student.

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