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  • Travel in Style for the Holidays With Italian Leather Cases

    This year, nearly 103 million Americans will travel for the holidays. Men and women everywhere will head to the nearest plane, train, or automobile, clutching every kind of luggage. But almost no one’s suitcase looks quite as good as a leather briefcase from Got Briefcases. If you’d like to travel in style this holiday season, bring along an Italian leather case. These bags are fashionable, functional, and exceptionally well-made.

    What Makes Italian Leather Special?

    Italian Leather Case

    leather is among the best fabrics in the fashion industry. It is tanned with natural materials like vegetable tannin, creating a supple fabric that is built to last. The fabric is one-of-a-kind. The natural materials in the tanning process give an Italian leather briefcase a unique look and a soft feel that you don’t find with other kinds of leather; it’s truly a cut above the rest.

    Chic Italian Style

    Of course, upscale Italian leather cases wouldn’t be a fashion statement without talented designers who create beautiful work. Designers for the best brands of leather cases are dedicated to crafting the very best pieces and it shows in the finished product. There’s a reason leather is so popular!

    The popularity creates plenty of product choices. If you’re looking for the best of the best, shop for brands that have a history of delivering it. Brands of leather briefcases we recommend for sophisticated travelers include Boconi, Alberto Bellucci, and I Medici. Focus on time-tested brands that have had years to perfect their design and manufacturing processes.   

    Fashion and Function

    Designers of Italian leather bags are passionate about the products they make. But the passion can be seen in more than just the leather. Every part of the bag, from the interior lining to the stitching on the handle, is created with utmost care and attention to detail.

    With an leather case at your side, you can have plenty of storage space for must-have carry-along items. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just down the street on your daily commute to work, you have a case that simplifies the storage and transportation of essentials you need when traveling for work or pleasure.  

    An Everyday Accessory

    Black Italian Leather

    The functionality of an Italian leather case makes it a great choice for holiday travel, but this isn’t all it’s good for. The bags are highly durable, and they look great with both formal and casual dress. If you ask us, you can use an Italian leather bag all year long.

    In fact, leather briefcases make excellent holiday gifts for this reason. For instance, a high school graduate could use his new briefcase or messenger bag throughout his college years, and even use it for his first office job!

    Give Yourself a Gift

    If you’d like to have an leather case at your side this Christmas, you may be lucky enough to know someone who wants to buy you a really nice present, and wouldn’t mind splurging a bit. If not, be your own Santa Claus, and give yourself the gift of leather. It’s a great way to enter the new year in style!

  • Water Resistant Laptop Bags: Situations Where They Protect Your Computer

    Everyday, people upload loads of vital information onto their laptops, which have become essential tools for work, education, and everyday living. If this describes the role your portable computer plays in your life, the last thing you want is water damage to the computer.

    If you ask us, the best way to prevent a watery grave for your computer is using a water resistant laptop bag. This type of bag can protect against all sorts of unexpected incidents that involve water, such as:

    Unexpected Rainfall

    No one can control the weather, but you can protect your electronics from an unexpected shower. When you’re stuck walking in the rain, a water resistant laptop bag can help keep your computer, phone, and other work essentials dry.

    The bag is made from non-absorbent materials, so raindrops can’t seep through and damage the electronics inside. The bag isn’t designed to be submerged, but it can easily withstand a brisk walk through the rain.

    Spilled Liquids

    Everyone spills a drink cup once in awhile. If your laptop is near your cup the next time you make a spill, even a small splash of liquid could lead to major water damage to your computer. With a bag from us, you can protect your laptop with a carrying case that withstands those spills.

    When your laptop, tablet, or phone is secured in a water resistant laptop bag, it’s safe from any non-corrosive liquid that could cause water damage. One water resistant bag from Got Briefcases is all it takes to ensure that your carry-along items are safe from water damage.

    Hotel Room Sprinklers

    Picture this: You’re on a business trip, and you’ve just settled into your hotel room. You put down your bag and before you know it the sprinkler system unleashes a torrential rainstorm, courtesy of the smoker in his room at the end of the hall.

    A water-resistant laptop bag can keep your computer safe during an indoor sprinkler incident, even if the suit you’re wearing is soaked straight through. You may have to change clothes, but you won’t need to switch to a different computer.

    Luggage Spills

    Sometimes, spills happen right inside your luggage. Shampoo, conditioner, and water bottles have been known to burst during plane flights, soiling everything in the luggage. When this happens, you may deplane to discover that you have water damage to a computer.

    How can you prevent spills in your suitcase from damaging your laptop that’s also stored in the suitcase? Simply remove the laptop and carry it in one of our bags, or just place the computer in one of our water resistant laptop bag designs, and then place it in the suitcase.  

    Protect Your Laptop

    Computers can experience many things that make them stop working properly, but water damage is one of the worst. If your laptop is water damaged, you may have to pay for a costly repair, or even buy a new computer. Carry your laptop in a water resistant laptop bag to help keep it in top condition for work, school, or simply surfing the web in your free time.

  • Back to School Basics: Essentials For College Students

    With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to complete back to college shopping lists and fill your cart to the brim with all the essentials. With all of the other preparations you need to make, finding the best back to college backpacks and other essential bags and can seem like a chore, but a new set of carry alongs may be just what you need to start the new year off right.

    Continue reading

  • I Medici Italian Leather Briefcase

    I Medici, as one of the top brands in Italian leather briefcases, is very honored to being one of the main retailer in America to carry their Italian leather briefcases, Italian leather duffel bags, messenger bags and handbags.  The level of professional business fashion and style has been raised with the status of briefcases once I Medici introduced the Cartellone Indy Italian Leather Briefcase to the world. Continue reading

  • Solo Briefcase

    Our Solo briefcase and carrier collection is widely considered one of the best values when it comes to finding high quality carriers.  For nearly a century, Solo bags have been providing students and business people with high quality, affordably priced professionals carriers. Continue reading

  • The Samsonite Briefcase Makes a Come-Back

    For more than a century now, Samsonite has been virtually synonymous with travel luggage. The Samsonite briefcase created an iconic image in the 1970’s and has since continued to set the standard for professional luggage and carrying cases.   Continue reading

  • Why the David King Briefcase Collection Rules

    If you are looking for a fine leather David King briefcase, garment bag or even wine carrier, you have come to the right place. At you will find one of the most extensive David King briefcase and luggage collections anywhere. Continue reading

  • The Jack Georges Briefcase

    Got Briefcases is proud to offer the Jack Georges briefcase and business accessory collection. Jack Georges’ briefcases and accessories offer users the style and elegance that only Jack Georges can. Since 1987, Jack Georges has been creating the kind of finely crafted business cases that at once a nod at tradition while keeping up with the needs of today’s marketplace. It is that fine sense of balance that has made Jack Georges’ briefcases and accessories the choice of savvy entrepreneurs and business folks alike. Continue reading

  • Rolling Briefcases for Women

    A rolling briefcase for women is not that different than a rolling briefcase for men.  In fact, rolling briefcases for women usually have all the same features that rolling briefcases for men do, just with a bit of a feminine touch.  In that way, these briefcases are a lot like us gals—capable of doing everything a man does, but with a little bit of an attractive feminine twist added in for good measure. Continue reading

  • Buying Briefcases for Men

    At we carry a vast array of briefcases for men—it is by far our largest single category, as you might guess. In fact, we carry so many men’s briefcases that one of the difficulties people face is choosing the right briefcase for that one special guy in their lives, whether he happens to be a dad, husband, boyfriend or son.  Even if you are just choosing a briefcase for yourself, the process can be difficult, especially if it is your first time buying a briefcase. Continue reading

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