This blog is about how to choose right briefcase for business needs. It also includes a lots of interesting and helpful tips on choosing and using briefcases correctly.
  • I Medici Italian Leather Briefcase

    I Medici, as one of the top brands in Italian leather briefcases, is very honored to being one of the main retailer in America to carry their Italian leather briefcases, Italian leather duffel bags, messenger bags and handbags.  The level of professional business fashion and style has been raised with the status of briefcases once I Medici introduced the Cartellone Indy Italian Leather Briefcase to the world. Continue reading

  • Solo Briefcase

    Our Solo briefcase and carrier collection is widely considered one of the best values when it comes to finding high quality carriers.  For nearly a century, Solo bags have been providing students and business people with high quality, affordably priced professionals carriers. Continue reading

  • The Samsonite Briefcase Makes a Come-Back

    For more than a century now, Samsonite has been virtually synonymous with travel luggage. The Samsonite briefcase created an iconic image in the 1970’s and has since continued to set the standard for professional luggage and carrying cases.   Continue reading

  • Why the David King Briefcase Collection Rules

    If you are looking for a fine leather David King briefcase, garment bag or even wine carrier, you have come to the right place. At you will find one of the most extensive David King briefcase and luggage collections anywhere. Continue reading

  • The Jack Georges Briefcase

    Got Briefcases is proud to offer the Jack Georges briefcase and business accessory collection. Jack Georges’ briefcases and accessories offer users the style and elegance that only Jack Georges can. Since 1987, Jack Georges has been creating the kind of finely crafted business cases that at once a nod at tradition while keeping up with the needs of today’s marketplace. It is that fine sense of balance that has made Jack Georges’ briefcases and accessories the choice of savvy entrepreneurs and business folks alike. Continue reading

  • Rolling Briefcases for Women

    A rolling briefcase for women is not that different than a rolling briefcase for men.  In fact, rolling briefcases for women usually have all the same features that rolling briefcases for men do, just with a bit of a feminine touch.  In that way, these briefcases are a lot like us gals—capable of doing everything a man does, but with a little bit of an attractive feminine twist added in for good measure. Continue reading

  • Buying Briefcases for Men

    At we carry a vast array of briefcases for men—it is by far our largest single category, as you might guess. In fact, we carry so many men’s briefcases that one of the difficulties people face is choosing the right briefcase for that one special guy in their lives, whether he happens to be a dad, husband, boyfriend or son.  Even if you are just choosing a briefcase for yourself, the process can be difficult, especially if it is your first time buying a briefcase. Continue reading

  • Leather Briefcases

    Have you ever heard this old saying: "You buy cheap, you buy twice?" This motto can be applied to a lot of things - and leather briefcases in particular. If you buy a bag that's a fake replica of a true designer briefcase, or decide to go for one of the lowest-priced leather offerings in a designer's range, you may find that the briefcase will look tired and worn out quite quickly. This certainly isn't a good thing; after all, you wouldn't wear something that's tatty and worn out to work, would you?

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  • Kenneth Cole Briefcase

    The fashion market is highly competitive, and as a savvy customer, you'll probably be deliberating briefcases from a variety of designers before you buy. However, this article aims to give you the facts about why a Kenneth Cole briefcase offers the ultimate in cutting-edge design, elegant perfection, and the practicality that is needed for everyday use. You owe it to yourself to find a bag that's everything you need, and more.

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  • Aluminum Briefcases

    When we are out and about on business, one of the main priorities for most entrepreneurs is to look good, and feel professional. Men invest in sharp suits, designer watches and a clean shave, while the ladies may prefer a pencil skirt, nice fragrances and killer heels. However, a vital ingredient to looking the part in meetings and on the street lies within aluminum briefcases - the ultimate opportunity to look sophisticated and suave.

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