Buying Briefcases for Men

At we carry a vast array of briefcases for men—it is by far our largest single category, as you might guess. In fact, we carry so many men’s briefcases that one of the difficulties people face is choosing the right briefcase for that one special guy in their lives, whether he happens to be a dad, husband, boyfriend or son.  Even if you are just choosing a briefcase for yourself, the process can be difficult, especially if it is your first time buying a briefcase.

So we thought we would give you a bit of advice on what to look for when buying a briefcase for men, just a few tips on what to keep in mind when selecting that perfect carrier.

Best Briefcases for MenFirst, consider how the case will be used. The first and most important criteria when choosing between briefcases for men is the use to which the case will be put. Will the owner have to carry important documents with him or will the case mainly be used to transport a laptop. Will the user take the case outdoors, onto campus or through inclement weather as they go between classes or bike across the city? Does the case need to double as a carry on for airport travel? These questions will determine whether a laptop bag, messenger bag or classic leather briefcase for men will be the best choice as well as what materials, dimensions and features will be required. (Be sure to use our Compare button for side by side appraisals of individual items.)

Second, match the briefcase to the user’s personal style. A traditional men’s leather briefcase gives off a very different message than an urban messenger bag. Although we often think of the practical aspects of briefcases for men, it is also important to keep in mind how the cut of the briefcase will fit into the man’s overall style. This is an especially important consideration when buying a men’s briefcase for someone else. But this is not just a fashion consideration. Having the proper men’s briefcase is just as important as knowing whether to dress in a suit or dress more casually. Consider not just the user’s individual style but the fashion strictures at his workplace or school.

Third, and last, consider the value of the case relative to the price and durability. Finally, you should consider whether the price of the case is worth the value that you will get. For example, though slightly more expensive, a leather briefcase for men might last longer and age more attractively than a case made from a less durable material. On the other hand, if you are buying a case for a freshman just heading off to college and worry that they are likely to lose it in their first year, then perhaps one of our bargain options might be just right rather than some of our higher priced options.

Whatever briefcase you are looking for, you will be sure to find it here at, your one-stop-shop for briefcases for men and women. Just browse our collection, choose your favorites and then compare your main options until you find the perfect briefcase for you.

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