Briefcases for Women

One look at our briefcases for women and something becomes immediately evident: it is no longer just a man’s world.  But what exactly is a briefcase for women? Are briefcases really gender coded?

Well yes. As we ladies know, women’s briefcases tend to have a slightly more feminine cut and feel, and are more often than not a touch more fashion conscious. You could, of course, forgo a briefcase for women and just get one of those ultra-conservative men’s briefcases, but why when you can express a touch of femininity and still get the job done.

In fact, briefcases for women offer far more options in terms of cuts and colors than their male counterparts. Take a briefcase like the Mobile Edge Women’s Full-Grain Leather Briefcase. No one would ever confuse this for a man’s briefcase. Its stylish full-grain leather is fashion forward and ultra-modern and is specifically designed for us gals with a detachable cosmetics pouch and a super posh poly-suede interior lining.

But this Mobile Edge briefcase is just as practical as it is stylish, having a EZ-Access cell-phone pocket on the outside of your bag so you can easily take incoming calls and a Superior SafetyCell laptop protection compartment that will help preserve the life of your most valuable electronic device.  Perfect for overhead stowing this makes for a great carry-on as well.

Mobile Edge Leather Briefcase for womenBut that is the thing about our briefcases for women. They don’t just match men’s briefcases for quality, they might actually outperform them, offering us gals both more options in terms of fashion and gal centered designs that anticipate our needs.

And the range of women’s briefcases doesn’t just apply to style and design, it also goes to price. You don’t have to break the bank to get an attractive, reliable and long-lasting bag. We offer more than a hundred bags for under a $100.  Inexpensive women’s briefcases like the Mobile Edge Element Briefcase offers you both the practical organizational benefits you look for in your briefcase while still giving you a distinctive stylish appearance that will help you build your own personal style.

And we also offer the kind of heavy duty rolling briefcases for women that are a necessity for travel or for saleswomen who spend a lot of time going from client to client. Just check out our rolling briefcases for women page to see our full range of options.

Whatever the needs you may have for your briefcase, you are sure to find them met at Got Briefcases.  Just check them out.

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