Basic tips for any woman to start accessorizing for any occasion…

So, here’s the deal. You’ve woken up, eaten breakfast, done some minor chores, showered, and are now ready for the day, except… what do you wear? Do you accessorize? Do you have time? Or is it a lazy kind of day? Here are a few tips for how to accessorize depending on what you have going on. Are you going to work? Going to the gym? Going to lunch?  A date?  These are the main reasons, us girls get up in the morning. So here’s a helpful guide of what you should keep in your closet for any and all of these occasions, from small accessories to the ever needed purse. Peruse on and maybe your day will be just a little bit easier especially if you’re not really sure where to start.

1. Going to the gym

Not everyone goes to the gym first thing in the morning but if the increase in YogaWorks’ memberships and early morning classes are any indication, a lot of women are getting up early to get that cardio or toning sweat in. So what do you wear to the gym? Let’s be honest ladies, most of the time we always want to look good, but when it’s 6 in the morning we all just really want to be prepared. So, make sure you have these essentials before taking off for a hike, the gym, etc:

A gym bag. Simple I know, but so useful. You can have a simple drawstring bag to hold your essentials like keys, water, a towel, extra clothing or carry a nicer more durable over the shoulder nylon bag. The choice is yours, just make sure you bring one and that it is stocked with the items above! That’s really all you need. You should be dressed in your sport gear and wearing your tennis shoes already because you’ll most likely head back home to shower and prepare for work.

If you aren’t going to head back home after the gym, then make sure your bag is almost an overnighter and carries all the necessary tools of the trade for work ladies because gym sweat is not going to impress the cute guy in that corner office.

2. Going to work

If you skip the gym in the morning for an after work session, then you get up to get ready for your 9-5. There’s a bit more that goes into accessorizing for work, but the biggest thing is that you should definitely LAYER! Layer on the accessories and the clothing to make the work day, work for you.  Most offices have that A/C running on high to keep everyone awake and hopefully more productive so a nice blazer or cute professional type jacket is always key so that you can remove it if it gets too hot when you go to lunch, etc. Also, wear something easy and plain under that jacket that won’t be too revealing if said jacket were to be removed or something with a nice print.

Don’t forget the earrings! Earrings are so simple and make an outfit so much better! Keep small dangling earrings and gold or silver studs to alternate days because keeping them somewhat neutral in style will keep it different, but matching every day.

The necklace. This is a little more stylistic. The simpler the better though, at least for work. I like to have 3-4 pieces, 2 that are long and layered a bit and 2 that are short, one simple and one chunky.

Last but not least to complete any ensemble is the bag. You must have a cute, professional bag for your work. Body side bags are perfect, but anything usually works as long as the colors aren’t too extreme, but going neutral and black always works!

3. Going to lunch

Or brunch or any casual activity. A cute light dress or sundress needs some simple accessories.

Sunglasses. Find a good pair or pairs and keep them at your side at all times. A good pair of sunglasses properly frames your face while protecting your eyes from all those UV rays.

Earrings. Same as before but you can match with some cutesy earrings with fun shapes like pineapples, sunflowers, etc. to brighten up the mood of your outing.

Necklace. Choose a cute long one or a simpler, smaller one to accentuate without distracting from the dress you’re wearing. One that fits your neckline is best. Nothing extravagant, remember, simpler is better!

Bracelets! With a dress and cute simple bracelet or a large band bangle works well to accent any dress especially those with skinny wrists.

Bag. Of course, the all essential bag. I keep these bright and colorful to match a sundress, but if you’re unsure, white or black works most of the time.

4. Dinner or more importantly, a date!

So now that you have so many options to choose from to accessorize with, you can expand on them a little bit more or you have everything you already need to make the perfect date outfit! There’s so many options, but as long as you match and feel good about yourself, then that’s all that matters. Make sure you’re wearing a nice dress

Earrings. Here is where I’d use the more fancy earrings and longer dangling earrings. You don’t want them too big though because that would just detract from your gorgeous face!

Necklace. Make sure it matches what you’re wearing. Anything will do, just make it fancier instead of kid-like.

Bag! A cute clutch is always recommended to keep bare essentials, but if you need more things for any emergency, then keep a large tote bag or stylish larger bag to keep by your side.

So there you have it, some basic tips about what type of accessories to use depending on where you’re planning on going! Just keep some basics like sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and purses or bags and you’re all set! Neutral, black, beige, and white are always ideal, but don’t be afraid to venture into bright colors when you’re ready! Being a woman is tough, accessorizing can be easy. This is just a simple reminder of the basics that you need. Once you get more comfortable, expand on your collection!

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