Back to School in Style and on Wheels!

School is just around the corner for middle school students all the way to college attendees. Everyone is looking for back to school deals on pens, paper, notebooks, and most importantly, backpacks. However, with the ever-increasing homework and book load, students are looking for the best way to carry their books in style and comfort. J World offers an apt solution with their wheeled backpacks. They know how to appeal to every student’s style and need with their variety of wheeled options. With all the studying that is required nowadays, the last thing students want to worry about is their back or their backpack. A backpack should be sturdy, comfortable, chic, and secure. With comfort, design and versatility, J World has all the options for the everyday student.

J World Sundance 19.5 Inch Rolling Backpack With Laptop Sleeve


With the J World Sundance Rolling Backpack, itprovides a perfect rolling backpack that comes in 21 different colors and designs. It’s an ideal size and supplies 2 large main compartments, one specially designed with a padded laptop sleeve and multiple smaller pockets for maximum space and organization.  The variety of styles will lay out enough choices for even the most particular students while giving the best comfort with its padded back and shoulder straps and adjustable pull out handle. The wheels are super strong and the bottom is reinforced for added protection.  It’s one of the many great options to handle the heavy loads that students have to deal with while still being stylish. Click over to Got Briefcases and get yours today!

J World Sunrise 18" Campus Rolling Backpack


If you don’t have as much to carry but still want the ease and comfort, then the J World Sunrise Rolling Backpack is perfect.This backpack is smaller and is constructed to fit under an airline seat or in the above head compartment, ideal for the traveling student or mobile adult. Offering a plethora of different patterns and colors, every student will have no problem finding one to match their taste. With a single large compartment and a smaller zippered pocket, this backpack is great for the smaller bundles while supplying a comfortable grip handle and adjustable extending handle. The padded back and shoulder straps with the easy roll wheels and molded bottom provide added protection as well.  To deal with those smaller jobs, this backpack does it with ease. Go to Got Briefcases and pick one up just in time for school.

J World Sundance Ii 20" Double Handle Laptop Rolling Backpack


If you need more space and less designs,J World’s Sundance II Double Handle Laptop Rolling Backpack is the idealsubstitute.  With 4 clean-cut solid colors, the design will match the more understated styled student. The gray or black details provide contrast while the padded shoulder pads with slip in system offer an additional alternative to the strong adjustable pull out handle and wheels. Two large compartments with a padded laptop space and smaller zippered pockets give all the area needed for any workload. There is also an useful side mesh pocket for water bottles or umbrellas deeming it a versatile backpack for the everyday student. J World succeeds by offering a multitude of options and Got Briefcases has them for you to pick from.

J World Lollipop Kid's Lightning Wheel Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag


Looking for a children’s backpack? J World’s Lollipop Kid’s Lightning Wheel Rolling Backpack is ideal for the smaller student in your life, the cookie eating, oh-so-adorable student that will always beg for a new backpack. Thisrolling backpack packs a punch with an included color coded lunch bag making your miniature student all the rage back at school. The backpack is simple to carry all their new books with its rugged wheels and perfectly adjustable pull out handle. It’s the right size for the pint-sized student. With many colors and styles, your student may have a difficult time deciding on one but will enjoy their backpack when they do. J World has it all and so will your student with this lunch bag/rolling backpack combination. Head over to Got Briefcases and choose yours before school starts soon!

With all the options, style, and comfort offered by J World backpacks, what’s stopping you from getting one? Got Briefcases has everything and others available for yourchoosing so visit them before school starts!

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