Back to School Basics: Essentials For College Students

With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to complete back to college shopping lists and fill your cart to the brim with all the essentials. With all of the other preparations you need to make, finding the best back to college backpacks and other essential bags and can seem like a chore, but a new set of carry alongs may be just what you need to start the new year off right.

Back to College Essentials

Laptop Cases

To thoroughly protect your laptop, place it into a protective sleeve and a laptop bag that are designed for your computer’s specific dimensions. Choosing a water-resistant bag is always a smart option. If you get caught in the rain while traveling between buildings, your laptop and its essential files are sure to stay safe and dry.   

Laptop Case


Whether you use it to tote a microscope to the lab or haul English books to the library, you need a backpack that’s ergonomically designed to be easy on your back, especially if you’re on a big campus that requires long walks. Focus on choosing a backpack based on the size and weight of what you need to carry, and experience the difference in comfort.     


Duffel Bags

One of the perks of being a college student is that you often have free access to a gym and exercise equipment. A roomy duffel bag is the perfect option for transporting your workout essentials to the exercise center and back. If you’re a collegiate athlete, you can also use a duffel bag to carry your uniform, hygiene products, and other personal essentials to home and away games.   

If your college campus is close to home, consider a duffel bag to travel back and forth between school and home. A duffel bag is perfect for transporting what you’ll need for that weekend back home.

Duffle Bag

Travel Cases

Backpacks for back to school are used for toting school essentials around campus, but they aren’t designed to double as luggage. When it’s time to head home for longer breaks or travel to study abroad for the semester, having durable, spacious luggage on hand makes it easier to pack everything you need, and keep it in great condition throughout the trip.  

Travel Bag

Organizers & Stationery

New technology in classrooms, labs, and libraries has changed the college learning experience dramatically, but one thing has stayed the same: Many students prefer to learn by taking notes the traditional way, writing on paper that’s contained in organizers. If you need essential accessories such as stationary cases, padfolios, and notebooks getting them when you buy a backpack simplifies shopping. Check off all of the boxes on your list in one fell swoop.  

Organizers & Stationery Bag

Backpack Brands and Features

Got Briefcases carries back to college backpacks from quality brands that use lasting materials, including: Samsonite, Piel Leather, and Jack Georges backpacks in materials like tough polyester, tanned leather, and lightweight nylon. College backpacks can take a beating, as they’re taken from dorm rooms, to classes, to the cafeteria, and back again. You need a design and material that are the perfect fit for your active life.  

Depending on the designer and bag model, helpful backpack features that students should look for include:

  • Multiple compartments for laptops and other portable computer devices
  • Bottom rollers for easily moving heavy packs across campus
  • Waterproof material to keep computers, lecture notes, and books safe from rain

Going to college often involves moving your entire life from where you sleep, to where you eat, to where you socialize to a new location. Making the move involves a long checklist of to-dos, but our online backpack selection helps you complete back to college shopping with less hassle.

Find Just the Right Backpack

After considering the best back to college backpacks based on your needs, it’s time to focus on the features of the bags. Our backpacks have a wide range of functions and designs, including a number of fun rolling bags that make traveling across campus easier.

See our large bags that students can use for carrying books from different courses, as they move from building to building to attend lectures. Our full-size backpacks are great options for busy university students, who have plenty to pack each day: books, smart devices, energizing snacks, and more.  

Top Designs for Students

In our growing collection of durable backpacks, you’ll find bags that are perfect for back to college. Have questions about choosing back to college backpacks this year? We’d be happy to speak with you about our backpacks for back to school, and help you choose one that meets your needs, as you prepare to go to college to study for the future.

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