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  • What Types of Clothes Should Be a Part of an Ideal Women's Wardrobe?

    People believe that the types of clothes we wear can truly reflect who we are on the inside. We can say that what we wear speaks about who we are in a way. Which makes perfect sense. Think about how many times you judged someone based on their clothes. Now the question of that being right or wrong is for another topic. Today we ask a simple question and that is what clothes should you have in your closet?

    We are going to lay an overall idea of what items should be a part of an ideal woman’s wardrobe. About bags, we have already spoken in leather bags for women article. In this blog, we are going to represent the types of clothes that are mandatory for the ideal women’s wardrobe.

    Shoes, a Woman’s First Love

    Women's Shoes

    The beloved actress for many an ideal woman Marylin Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. 

    How lovely and all so very true. Take our favorite four gals from Sex and the City show, they most certainly proved this quote to be right! For every event, a woman must have at least one pair of shoes that are convenient and comfortable otherwise she won’t be able to conquer the world!

    Sports shoes

    There is a stereotype that sports shoes are used only in the gym or when going on a run. Their purpose lays there but who says we can’t wear them when going for a walk or on a vacation where we’ll be on our feet? Afterall they are super comfortable. 

    They were originally created for sports games and that’s why some people still think that sports sneakers are meant only for athletes. But now they have become an inseparable item of every women’s casual look and can be combined with different types of clothes. Nobody want’s to bother themselves with wearing high heels every day.

    Ballet pumps 

    Ballet pumps are very comfortable for women who don’t like to wear high heeled shoes every day. They are feminine and go perfectly with almost all types of clothes. You can wear them with you cute everyday dresses, with a nice blouse and a pair of jeans, mini skirts and even formal wear!

    High heels 

    If you are a lover of parties and luxury restaurants and love to feel fabulous where ever you go this is what you need the most. A pair of high heels must always be in your wardrobe. And it is the opinion of many that an ideal woman simply must have at least one pair! 

    It’s good to start with basic black or white high heels that can go perfectly with evening wear and even some formal clothes. Later as your wardrobe expands you can experiment with some radiant colored high heels!

    Ankle Boots

    Comfortable, classic and fashionable. These three words describe ankle boots that can be worn during late Autumn and early Spring. They are also perfect for almost all types of clothes you can easily pair them with early Spring dresses and Autumn jeans and fluffy scarves.

    Knee-high boots

    These shoes are worn during late autumn and winter. If you want to have a classic and fabulous look no matter the not so pleasant weather outside, choose to have a pair of knee-high boots in your wardrobe.

    Wedge Sandals

    A pair of wedge sandals is you all you need when going to a summer wedding, birthday party, garden parties, pool parties… Simply put -- they are perfect for summer. 

    Wedge heel will help you not to sink into the grass: an advantage that high heels don’t have. One more advantage. You can wear them during the whole ceremony, as they are not as tiring as high heels.

    Who Wears the Pants Around the House?

    Since Coco Chanel shockingly declared that women can wear pants too, we haven’t stopped wearing them! They are comfortable can go with practically all types of clothes and are considered to be universal in a way. 

    You can wear them to work when hanging out with friends or doing a  little shopping. An ideal women’s wardrobe must include at least three types of pants. 


    Originally created for men, jeans have now become an inseparable item in women’s wardrobe. From ripped jeans, mom jeans, high waisted, low waisted, skinny jeans -- there are so many types of jeans that we can’t even count them all. 

    Due to their casual feel and comfort, they are loved universally. You can wear them to parties, formal events, work, practically anywhere! 

    Palazzo pants

    These are kinds of pants are long and cut loose so the wide legs become even wider. They have come back in style in the last couple of years and almost every fashionista owns one pair. 

    They are very comfortable and go well with different types of clothes and can be worn on many different occasions. Palazzo pants can be worn to work when having a walk or you can just add high heels and look completely fabulous when going to a restaurant or a fancy dinner party! 

    Gym track pants

    With this kind of trousers, it is very comfortable to go to the gym and workout. But they are not comfortable only for workout. By adding a pair of sneakers, they will become part of casual clothing, which you can wear in everyday events.


    Lovely Dresses

    Ladies have been wearing dresses for a very long time, and they definitely can’t ever go out of style. There are different dress types and we can broadly differentiate between casual everyday dresses and evening gowns. Everyday dresses are essentially more comfortable and convenient for our day to day life. Some of the most popular types of dresses include a shift dress, a wrap dress, a sheath dress and so on. 

    Evening dresses, however, are more luxurious and make you look and feel absolutely fabulous. Many of us don’t really get the chance to wear these kinds of gowns often and that’s another reason for them being so special. They are mostly worn in restaurants or casinos, weddings, and other black-tie events.


    Skirts also play are also a part of the essentials in a  women’s wardrobe. They can change a women’s look completely by being somewhere in between casual and formal. They are a perfect substitue for dresses and because there are many types of skirts you can find plenty of different models for each occasion. Here are the most fashionable types of skirts.

    Long skirts

    Long skirts are considered to be those that run till a women’s ankle. You can find them in many different colors, interesting patterns and made from different materials and can be combined with most types of clothes. But you should always remember that it’s better to go for natural materials like cotton or wool and stick to them because for one they are breathable which is one of the most important aspects of comfortable clothes. 

    A-line skirts

    A-line skirts are usually knee-length but can be longer. They are very elegant and are mostly worn by businesswomen, college professors and women who like to dress in a more vintage manner. But they can also be worn to parties, weddings, etc. 

    Ball-Gown skirt

    Ball-gown skirts are mostly ankle-length. And the name of this type of skirt speaks for it self. They are usually worn to black tie events and are very elegant and sophisticated. You can also wear one in a fancy restaurant.



    No matter what types of clothes you usually prefer, there is no way you can avoid having shirts! They are very much essential for our day-to-day life. Shirts are more or have always the same kind of cut but they do vary in how they look.  Patterned Shirts will add coolness to your look and brighten your mood. You can wear them both with trousers and skirts and look fantastic wherever you go! 

    Button-Down shirts can be both casual and professional depending on where you are wearing them! A simple white button-down shirt can look absolutely and effortlessly chic when going for a Sunday brunch. A structured peplum is perfect for formal occasions and is compatible with skirts and pants. 


    We have given you an overall structure of what types of clothes every ideal woman should own in her closet. Investing in these items and learning how to combine them right will make you a fashionista like no other. 

    Also, by combining and trying out different styles of clothing, different patterns and combining the uncombinable you will create your own unique and authentic style! Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Once you’ve got yourself these basic clothing items you can slowly begin to truly express yourself tough clothes.

  • Spice up Your Outfits with Different Bag Styles

    They say fashion is what is given to you, style is what you make of it. Each cloth, each attribute we use tells much about our taste and our personality. They say you can judge a person by his/her shoes, a shirt tells about the tidiness of the person and by the suit you can guess her /his position. 

    In the multiplicity of clothes and accessories, with only changing or adding a bag to your look, you can change your outfit completely. In previous articles, we have already spoken about different bag styles and the best classic Italian leather handbags and purses which have given you a piece of an idea of what choice to make.

    Types Of Handbags

    Women's Leather Bags

    As it is said, a perfect handbag is both functional and stylish but you should always choose a bag style that is going to work with you, not against you. Considering the fact that in today’s market you can find all sorts of handbags made from different materials, in various shapes and sizes, we decided to make a sort of classification of the most common types.

    In today’s article, you will read about the most preferable, fashionable and convenient unisex bags, male bags, and female bags, that are appropriate not only for work but also for parties, meetings, business trips, etc. This categorization is the easiest to follow and this way you can easily match your handbag to your clothing style and overall fashion sense.

    Unisex Bags

    Women in Nature With Leather Bag

    Unisex Bags are those types of handbags that can be carried by both males and females. In the contemporary world, wherein all spheres' stereotypes are tried to be broken, fashion follows this rule also, creating bags that can be carried by both sexes. Gender neutral bags are commonly worn day in and day out because they are just so practical! Depending on your personal style all of these types of bags can be found in various materials from leather to nylon.

    The first place is given to Backpacks. Due to their beautiful design, comfort and carrying capabilities, they are the most beloved type of bags for men and women. They can be used when traveling, going to school, university or just having a walk.

    The second place is given to Folio Bags. They are very comfortable but not suitable for carrying around heavy stuff (laptops, books or papers). They are made for carrying only some small, light things which can be put into the bag, without spoiling the look or making it too heavy. These bags have the ability to complete the look of elegant men and women.

    Another one is the Cross Body Bag, especially small ones that are designed for small items such as wallets, keys, telephone, etc. These bags attract everyone due to their design and convenience. When it comes to larger cross body bags, they are suitable for carrying even some heavier stuff like a laptop or books. These are one of the most popular types of handbags amongst college professors and students alike!

    And finally Tote Bags. Originally being created only for women, today they are carried by men as well. With their slim lines, long handles, carrying abilities and of course fashionable design they have become an inseparable part of men’s and women’s wardrobe.

    Male Bags

    Leather Bag in Caffe

    While clothes, accessories and other necessities for men are usually represented as being multifunctional (just think about the commercials for men’s shover products), the same doesn’t go for handbags. Depending on where you are going, what you’re carrying and your personal style, you can find a handbag that will fit just that purpose. And of course, depending on the type of handbag you choose for a particular outfit, can also show your sense of style, and make your otherwise usual clothing choice look absolutely fresh and fashionable. 

    The first place goes to the Weekend Bag. Comfortable, containable, cool:  these three words describe one of the most beloved men’s bags which are mainly designed for trips. These bags go hand in hand with cool outfits perfect for a weekend getaway. 

    The second place goes to the Briefcase. These types of bags that have been invented in the 19th century now have become an inseparable item for elegant and modern men’s wardrobe. Fun fact: because lawyers use briefcases to carry briefs to present to the court, our beloved handbag got its name briefcase. 

    The third place is given to Gym Bags. If you are going to have a workout, the very first thing you need is a good and spacy gym bag, where you can put your towel, clothes, sports shoes and other vital items. Due to it being lightweight and size, the gym bag is one of the most preferable bags for men.
    And the last one is the Messenger Bag. This bag is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. Today it has become a classic alternative to the backpack. A messenger bag is containable: you can put what you want, your laptop, books, papers, etc.

    Female Bags

    White Leather Bag for Women

    In the women’s case bag styles, vary a lot and it’s very difficult to mention only four types of bags. For women, bags aren’t just a necessity they are also the perfect accessory. So, it’s no wonder women like to have different types of handbags depending on the occasion. Here, will be represented the most demanded types of bags. 

    The first place goes to Clutches. Most of them are carried during evening parties accompanied by luxurious dresses. Small, attractive and gorgeous- these all you need to make your evening look complete.

    The second place goes to the Shoulder Bag. It is the most comfortable bag for everyday use and goes perfect with any women’s outfit. They are practical, containable, yet beautiful and fashionable. They vary in size, so some of them have space even for heavier stuff like books or important papers. 

    The third-place goes to the Beach Bag. Light, stylish and waterproof these types of handbags are a perfect addition when going on a vacation. With these attributes and their lovely light designs, what else do you need for going to a beach and enjoying your vacation? 

    And finally-Bucket Bag. This is a medium-sized bag that has long handles and a drawstring closure. Due to its weight, size and shape, it has become one of the most beloved bags for women. They are a perfect replacement for the standard backpack being more fashionable and usually much smaller than a regular backpack. So if you only need to carry a few things and have your hands free this bag will complete all the cool outfits you can imagine. 


    Here are the most preferable types of unisex, male and female bag styles choose whatever you like and need, of course, paying attention to the color, shape, size, and quality. By choosing the right color you can make your bag more compatible to your overall clothing style.

    Choosing the right shape your bag will be fashionable for a longer period of time. The size will decide what you are going to put in your bag and with the help of good quality, you can carry it for a long time.  And what about style? By uniting all the above-mentioned things you create it Yourself.

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    Of course, even the most careful owner can’t prevent a bag from aging. Genuine leather naturally ages over time — again, much like your skin. But with proper care and maintenance, your bag will age like a fine wine, creating a beautiful, weathered look known as a “patina.” Continue reading

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    This year, nearly 103 million Americans will travel for the holidays. Men and women everywhere will head to the nearest plane, train, or automobile, clutching every kind of luggage. But almost no one’s suitcase looks quite as good as a leather briefcase from Got Briefcases. If you’d like to travel in style this holiday season, bring along an Italian leather case. These bags are fashionable, functional, and exceptionally well-made.

    What Makes Italian Leather Special?

    Italian Leather Case

    leather is among the best fabrics in the fashion industry. It is tanned with natural materials like vegetable tannin, creating a supple fabric that is built to last. The fabric is one-of-a-kind. The natural materials in the tanning process give an Italian leather briefcase a unique look and a soft feel that you don’t find with other kinds of leather; it’s truly a cut above the rest.

    Chic Italian Style

    Of course, upscale Italian leather cases wouldn’t be a fashion statement without talented designers who create beautiful work. Designers for the best brands of leather cases are dedicated to crafting the very best pieces and it shows in the finished product. There’s a reason leather is so popular!

    The popularity creates plenty of product choices. If you’re looking for the best of the best, shop for brands that have a history of delivering it. Brands of leather briefcases we recommend for sophisticated travelers include Boconi, Alberto Bellucci, and I Medici. Focus on time-tested brands that have had years to perfect their design and manufacturing processes.   

    Fashion and Function

    Designers of Italian leather bags are passionate about the products they make. But the passion can be seen in more than just the leather. Every part of the bag, from the interior lining to the stitching on the handle, is created with utmost care and attention to detail.

    With an leather case at your side, you can have plenty of storage space for must-have carry-along items. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just down the street on your daily commute to work, you have a case that simplifies the storage and transportation of essentials you need when traveling for work or pleasure.  

    An Everyday Accessory

    Black Italian Leather

    The functionality of an Italian leather case makes it a great choice for holiday travel, but this isn’t all it’s good for. The bags are highly durable, and they look great with both formal and casual dress. If you ask us, you can use an Italian leather bag all year long.

    In fact, leather briefcases make excellent holiday gifts for this reason. For instance, a high school graduate could use his new briefcase or messenger bag throughout his college years, and even use it for his first office job!

    Give Yourself a Gift

    If you’d like to have an leather case at your side this Christmas, you may be lucky enough to know someone who wants to buy you a really nice present, and wouldn’t mind splurging a bit. If not, be your own Santa Claus, and give yourself the gift of leather. It’s a great way to enter the new year in style!

  • Water Resistant Laptop Bags: Situations Where They Protect Your Computer

    Everyday, people upload loads of vital information onto their laptops, which have become essential tools for work, education, and everyday living. If this describes the role your portable computer plays in your life, the last thing you want is water damage to the computer.

    If you ask us, the best way to prevent a watery grave for your computer is using a water resistant laptop bag. This type of bag can protect against all sorts of unexpected incidents that involve water, such as:

    Unexpected Rainfall

    No one can control the weather, but you can protect your electronics from an unexpected shower. When you’re stuck walking in the rain, a water resistant laptop bag can help keep your computer, phone, and other work essentials dry.

    The bag is made from non-absorbent materials, so raindrops can’t seep through and damage the electronics inside. The bag isn’t designed to be submerged, but it can easily withstand a brisk walk through the rain.

    Spilled Liquids

    Everyone spills a drink cup once in awhile. If your laptop is near your cup the next time you make a spill, even a small splash of liquid could lead to major water damage to your computer. With a bag from us, you can protect your laptop with a carrying case that withstands those spills.

    When your laptop, tablet, or phone is secured in a water resistant laptop bag, it’s safe from any non-corrosive liquid that could cause water damage. One water resistant bag from Got Briefcases is all it takes to ensure that your carry-along items are safe from water damage.

    Hotel Room Sprinklers

    Picture this: You’re on a business trip, and you’ve just settled into your hotel room. You put down your bag and before you know it the sprinkler system unleashes a torrential rainstorm, courtesy of the smoker in his room at the end of the hall.

    A water-resistant laptop bag can keep your computer safe during an indoor sprinkler incident, even if the suit you’re wearing is soaked straight through. You may have to change clothes, but you won’t need to switch to a different computer.

    Luggage Spills

    Sometimes, spills happen right inside your luggage. Shampoo, conditioner, and water bottles have been known to burst during plane flights, soiling everything in the luggage. When this happens, you may deplane to discover that you have water damage to a computer.

    How can you prevent spills in your suitcase from damaging your laptop that’s also stored in the suitcase? Simply remove the laptop and carry it in one of our bags, or just place the computer in one of our water resistant laptop bag designs, and then place it in the suitcase.  

    Protect Your Laptop

    Computers can experience many things that make them stop working properly, but water damage is one of the worst. If your laptop is water damaged, you may have to pay for a costly repair, or even buy a new computer. Carry your laptop in a water resistant laptop bag to help keep it in top condition for work, school, or simply surfing the web in your free time.

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