5 Purse Styles For An Interview 

With fight for jobs apparently at an all time high, women need every benefit on their side, containing dressing correctly for the interview. Ruling the right purse to match with an outfit is hard enough, but extra thought needs to be taken when a woman is wearing for an interview. A woman needs to dress expertly for an interview, and that extends to accessories, such as the handbag. Some of the choices for handbag styles include totes, satchels, shoulder bags, hand bags, and women briefcases. Each style of handbags can come in a variety of fashions, so a girl should take care in picking a bag. In order to choose a suitable purse, a woman should know the different types of purse fashions. It is also significant to know how to match a handbag with an outfit for a job interview, and what purse styles to evade when accessorizing an outfit for an interview. Keeping some tips in mind will help a woman make a stylish and professional assertion at an interview.

1. Tote

Tote bags are a good excellent to take to an interview. Since this is one of the humblest designs of bags obtainable, a buyer may think of tote bags as being too casual, but there are also classy leather ones offered. Many designers even offer stylish brand name totes. Totes work well for an interview because they are big enough to keep copies of resumes and portfolios, and they are planned, which looks very professional.

2. Satchel

Satchels are typically wider than they are tall. They may have a zipper closure or a flap over the top. These bags come in structured and unstructured styles, and may have detachable shoulder straps in addition to the two hand straps. A satchel is also large enough to store copies of a resume. A woman should probably go for a structured satchel bag because it looks more professional.

3. Handbag

There are many diverse styles of handbags available. These are notable from other types of purses because they are approved in one’s hand instead of being slung over the shoulder. Handbags come in different styles and sizes. A woman may want to choose a littler one for an interview to keep the basics like keys and cash. A small, structured handbag is a good option for a woman who will carry her resume or portfolio.


4. Shoulder Bag

For an interview, a woman should probably select a small or medium shoulder bag. The medium bag would be able to fit papers like a resume while the small bag could be used for a wallet, keys, and some other essentials.

5. Briefcase

Some women choose to opt for a briefcase instead of a purse. If a woman chooses to bring a briefcase, she should probably skip the purse as carrying both can be cumbersome. When looking for a briefcase, it is a good idea not to get one that isn’t too large, because that could overwhelm a petite woman. The briefcase should be chosen in neutrals like brown or black and be made of leather or a similar material. A briefcase can look both feminine and professional depending on the style.

Tips for Choosing an Interview Purse

There are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing a purse for an interview. Some include deciding what items the woman will be bringing along to the interview, matching a purse with an outfit, and avoiding a style of purse that is not appropriate for an interview. Carrying too much in a purse undermines a sleek and organized look. Regardless of what purse she is carrying, if it does not complement her outfit, it could detract from the professional image the woman is trying to present to a potential employer.

How Much to Carry

One of the dilemmas facing many women his how much they should carry in a purse. Carrying too many things can make a woman look disorganized, and no woman wants to risk spilling the contents of a full purse all over the floor at an important interview. A woman should not carry as much to an interview as she would in her everyday purse. Some experts recommend carrying almost nothing while others suggest that a woman be prepared for anything. Some necessities are keys and money as well as copies of a resume. Some experts recommend leaving the cell phone in the car or at home. If a woman chooses to bring one, she should make sure to turn it off. If a woman decides to carry more items in her purse, it is a good idea to choose a bag with enough pockets to organize everything.

Matching the Purse with an Outfit

There are a number of purse styles that are appropriate for an interview. The choice of style comes down to whether the purse contributes to a cohesive look. One good tip is that the purse should match the woman’s shoes. Even if it is not a perfect match, the purse should definitely not clash with a woman’s shoes. The type of outfit the woman is wearing depends on what type of position the woman is interviewing for. If a woman is interviewing for a position with a legal or accounting firm, a conservative outfit and purse are necessary. A good purse for this type of outfit would be a black leather bag that is structured with minimal decoration. If going for an interview in a field that is more creative, such as graphic design, PR, or marketing, a woman can go for a bag that will show her personality and creative flair. This may mean a colorful bag, but the design should still be professional with clean lines and not too many accessories. The bag should also be made of good quality leather. If a woman is going for an interview in a field that values trends, such as the fashion industry, then she can go for a more trendy bag. Even in this case, the bag should still be somewhat professional and not over the top.

Style Features to Avoid in an Interview Purse

Although a woman actually has quite a few options when selecting an interview purse, there are some style features that a woman should avoid in a purse she is taking along to an interview. The purse should not be overly adorned, as it does not look very professional. Additionally, the choice of fabric needs to be considered. Avoid fabrics that are too casual or too dressy such as sequins, satin, silk, straw, or canvas. Good choices for the material are leather, faux leather, or microfiber. Hobo bags and other unstructured purses may look gorgeous, but an unstructured look does not convey professionalism. A woman does not have to go out and purchase a designer bag for an interview, but the purse should be in excellent condition. A woman should not take along a bag that is dirty, scuffed, or looks heavily worn. This will detract from an interview outfit that is otherwise clean and presentable. Even if the buyer wants to make a statement, she should think again about overly dramatic embellishments such as rhinestones or gems. It should not appear to the interviewer that the woman is going straight from the interview to a night out. A bulging bag is a definite pass. If a women needs to carry quite a few items to the interview, she should choose a slightly larger bag, but this is not license to choose a huge bag and fill it to capacity.